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 A varied Life

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PostSubject: A varied Life   Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:01 am

The Slave

Ever there was the Opponent. Each time fear tore and hardened her muscles, driving them on to nigh infinite motion. The swirling blades shimmered translucent whilst gliding through the air until landing within the flesh of her nearest opponent. Keen blades nick an unyielding bone in another. Aodhfina turned the dagger in her left hand in slash fashion. She sheared armour and flesh alike. Gleaming metal frees retrained fluid within the flesh of that one. The back cut let more viscera and blood. Down one, more follow.
She switched her grip on the dagger in her right hand to pommel forward. She crouched down in a low, martial stance. Legs in taught relaxation, ready to launch herself and a barrage of attacks. Slashes and backhand stabs sent four down. Their bodies landed in pieces as she jump-kicked a heavily armoured opponent, landing the blow upon his fat neck. His girth blocked out the sun as he spun. Thunderous was the sound when the ground met this one’s bulk. Aodhfina drove her twin daggers into each of his eyes, just in case he was not fully down. The shouts and cheers, deafening.
Time turned red as it slowed down. Her instincts of skill ushered blinding fury and havoc to the small fray. Her motions viscous as she sped through the space of the Pit. Brain pounds in the stillness of her actions, the mind focused and wandering. The brand given long ago burns during the slow times of combat. Full strength is now engorged with her fury. Red with blood and gore is her skin now, only her bright eyes and mischievous smile are similar.
The spirits of the Ancients now fuels her skin markings. Their symbols connected the spirits to the lass. Power gifted for times of dire need. Finite was the contact. Songs of yesterthens rang in her skull.
With a purr of a growl she arose from a battle stance and lifted her hands to the sky. Shadows of the carrion birds washed across the bodies. Applause reverberated throughout. Then the next wave came through the bronzen steel gate at one end of the battle ground. Her vision red, senses heightened. Aodhfina sprang at the opponent at the tip of the pyramid formation. One dagger slit his throat to the spine, body crumpling into a kneeling position before being kicked over by another.
The crowd chanted, “Blood Goddess, flay your prey…”
They are not disappointed as a small, bladed trident grazes her shoulder. Rage is all that the opponents are met with. She ensued with a spiraling succession of slashes and jabs. Twisting her body in step with their attacks, parrying as she went. Death, her ally this day. Two were still standing. The one on the right had scant yet stout armour, the other was covered from head to toe in bronze. Between them they held a net. The fully armoured man shone in the bright light, and grasped a short, jagged sword. The opponent on the left lifted a shield and spear in one hand. The spiked net swung as the opponents advanced.
Aodhfina closed her eyes. The patter of feet became more distinct and less distant. Then came the smell. The scent of slaves. Broken, dirty spirits that she would set free by downing their bodies. In unison the Brothers descended upon her, swing the net and readying their weapons. Sounds no longer penetrated her ears, only the deep drumming tone of her heart was heard. The net was flung in a swift arc.
When she came to her senses, she was standing; roaring applause spiked her dull senses. Carrion birds flocked down to feed.
Aodhfina whispered, “Hello, Sister”.
An iridescent bird winked as she passed by the carnage. Aodhfina “Blood Goddess” walked away victorious once again.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting was her hobby that had been forced upon her. Meal time. One of the best times of the day, although exercising outdoors was food for her soul. The sun nourished her, and the ground felt nice to her feet. She cherished her time out of her damned cage. “Ah, to be free”.
Songs of her ancestors filled her dreams, asleep and awake alike. The bread was warm and the meat had been spiced. Wine was her reward for the day. She lay down and slept the hot day away. Drifting off to sleep she began to softly hum.

The day of liberation finally came and she was allowed to buy her freedom. She had survived the Games and was to be free. Stoically joyful she strode out of the gym in triumph. Aodhfina bought a horse and provisions for a fortnight, and left the kingdom of Aquilonia. She led her horse to the hills of Cimmeria.

The Soldier

The hoarfrost encrusted helmet
released steam as the sun
continued to rise
above the horizon.
The drops of melted water created rivulets of rust
and blood that fell onto the frozen earth.
Mist bellowed from her nostrils and iced her hair.
Black-maroon splatters covered her.
Brain tissue was flicked out of long hair by a rigid wind
as she strode away from the fleshy field.

The Farmer

Near her homeland she found a meadow surrounded with heavy trees. Her oasis became her salvation. She built a modest wattle and thatch hut in the rocks of the meadow. There was a stream nearby and the wildlife was abundant. T’was a lovely place to dwell, indeed.

Aht-men is the given name of the special plant she grows. It is the medicine called the “breath of life”. When imbibed the herb grants the traveler a euphoric journey. The other realms are not for everyone. Aodhfina was very selective about whom she shared the magical plant. She also grew medicinal herbs for sale and trade. Her vegetable garden was lush and vibrant.

The tranquil breeze gently caressed her skin as she lounged in a hammock in the shade near her hut. Life was indeed much more pleasurable as a hermit in the foothills of the Cimmerian mountains. Her old life was far away. Although the thrill of adventure doth still called to her.

On a chill Spring day, Aodhfina, went to town to sell her wares. Even with the breeze it was a lovely day. During her ride to town she reminisced about her soldiering days. She entered the big village at a trot and then tethered her horse. Her first stop was to the apothecary and then the food venders. Lastly she came to the tavern to drop off ingredients for the barkeep. While waiting for payment, she had herself a flagon of meade. She was sitting in the corner so that she had a full view of the landscape. Payment in hand, Aodhfina finished most of the mead in one quaff, and was off. Along the way home she met a young woman. The lass said, “You do not have to be lonely anymore.” She then handed Aodhfina a crystal, and said, “Guard this gift well, respect your new family, and live fully.”
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PostSubject: Re: A varied Life   Wed Apr 13, 2011 6:25 pm

It's great to have you, Aodhfina Smile I'm glad you chose us, and I hope you've had fun so far!
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PostSubject: Re: A varied Life   Thu Apr 14, 2011 5:26 am

Thank you for having me. I am having fun and look forward to improving my RP skills.

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PostSubject: Re: A varied Life   

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A varied Life
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