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 The Dark Lotus

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PostSubject: The Dark Lotus   Thu Apr 07, 2011 4:54 pm

[The Dark Lotus is a house of pleasures owned by Nerysankh. In the Dark Lotus customers can find exotic food and drinks, dancing, song, sympathetic conversation, companionship, and (of course) erotic entertainment for those employees who wish to partake in that line of entertainment. Nerysankh does not require her employees to participate in such entertainment but the customers pay a high price for such. The Dark Lotus is well known in Stygia for its entertainment and its experienced entertainers. It caters to all, no matter what land they hail from.

Currently, the Dark Lotus is located in Stygia but Nerysankh is trying to convince Callista to allow her to open a branch in the Sealladh city.]

Greetings friends and companions,

I am Nerysankh. Some of you have met me, many of you still have not. I am recently allied to the Sealladh alliance and look forward to helping it grow and spread its influence in the land. I am the Madame of the Dark Lotus, located in Stygia. It has come to my attention that some within Sealladh are unemployed or without a home other than the hospitality of our city within Aquilonia. With that in mind, I extend invitation for those seeking work to speak with me about joining the entertainers within the Dark Lotus. Experience in entertainment is certainly a bonus but not required. We are more than capable of training you. Currently, the Dark Lotus is only located in Stygia but I am in the process of finding it a second home withing Aquilonia. Should you be interested then contact me either in person or by leaving message at the Dark Lotus in Stygia or at the Sealladh city within Aquilonia.

Blessed may you all be,

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The Dark Lotus
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