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 Honor, Blood, and Sand.

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PostSubject: Honor, Blood, and Sand.   Sun Jan 10, 2010 10:11 pm

"We battle not for gold or blood or rule." Majah thought to himself as he climbed onto his horse Valorie. He saw it from the distance, the execution of innocent men and women by the hand of the brotherhood. "Bane be our fuel." He muttered to himself as he drew his blade. he felt his hands begin to sweat, it was a hot morning in Khemi, he fights better in the cool weather. "Fellowship" he thought, "our strength and light." now he see's his chance to be this strength and light for another poor traveler in the path of the brotherhood.

Majah feels an itch on his left shoulder, it is the mark his father had burnt into his flesh when he was a young boy, all the years of torment floods his emotions, he knows just how far demon worshipers are willing to go to spread their beliefs, and now he has his own demons to unleash. "HEYAH!" he shouts as Valorie starts to gallop, he catches the attention of one of the 'executioners' he tries to bring his spear up to defend himself from the charging horse, but it is too late. Majah's blade split the spear and sliced through the mans shoulder.

"ATTACK!" the second man shouts, this one has no armor, he is in a blood stained robe, he has seen many victims or sacrifices as they would see it. the first man falls to the floor crying in agony holding his shoulder, his spear now just a broken branch on the floor. Majah turns around, shouts again, sending his horse charging away from the battle as he jumps off, he lands, he would have been crippled if he had landed in anything harder than the sand he was now kneeling in. the third man, rushes for Majah, this one, clad in heavier armor than the other two, and wielding a large two handed axe.

His shoulder itches again, he wont deny it again, it lights up, a furious bright red from the pitch black it had been, and it takes form. a Demon bursts out letting an ear splitting shriek that Majah barely felt as a whisper, but sent the two men to the floor holding their ears. Then just as fast as it had appeared, it was gone, leaving Majah the perfect window. He moves to the warrior who was still on his knees holding his ears, his axe was on the ground. Majah kicks the man to the floor, and shouts as his Sword connects with the mans chest.

"Fool! My lord will have your head!" the robed man sneers at Majah, and his hands light up as a burst of flame lash out at Majah.

Majah jumps back, tripping and dropping his own sword, to hold his shield with both hands. The flames engulfed him, his shield became hot, his hands were burning up, and his left leg was burnt badly. Then the flames ceased. Majah threw the shield from him, his sword lay next to him, the hilt burnt beyond repair. He rises, and notices the mage is exhausted, obviously he had overworked himself with the spell.

"We ride not for Gods." he spoke "We battle not for gold or blood or rule." he continued "From the fire of war we arise." he chuckles to himself "Bane be our fuel." the raw emotion can be heard as he picks up the large axe graciously left behind by the slain warrior. "Fellowship, our strength and light." He looks over to the victims of the three. He see's a woman in tears hovering over her bloodied Husband.

"who are you? why do you interfere?" the robed man says, still gasping for breath.

"Majah, but it does not matter, you wont live long enough to commit it to memory!" He lifts the axe high above his head.

"hehehe ha ha ha! your victory will be short lived." he mutters and hardly musters enough energy to spit at Majah's feet.

Majah, lets the weight of the axe do most of the work, bringing it down on the man's shoulder. The axe tears flesh, and goes as far down as his chest. Letting go of the axe, the man falls, as Majah rises slowly and clumsily, trying to reach the two he sought to save, he tries to pick up his shield, but fails and abandons it, he reaches the woman, and collapses. "I am Majah of the grey knights... I am here to..." he feels as numb, and Tired, in the distance he can see the other knights riding to him, and he blacks out.

((old story i found, fixed the spelling errors, and changed all the 'Corim's for Majahs.. my name in hyperboria was Corim hope you enjoy! ))
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Honor, Blood, and Sand.
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