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 Blood Ties.

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PostSubject: Blood Ties.   Wed Jul 20, 2011 6:40 pm

(Well games down all day on my lastday off so guess its a good time to think up a story for my Cimmerian family,Tell me what you think)

Dawn was approching the little Village and already sounds and activity could be heard. Wood was being gathered for the days cooking fire's, morning meal's were being prepared.Another Simple but harsh day of gathering wood,meat and water,And these were getting harder and harder to come by.The time to move on would be soon.

The boy's ran from the small hovel that kept them dry but seldem warm.The eldest two Twins of the blood Ariacan and Ariacas,were 15 winters old,the middle child Aracan was but only 10 but had fiece loyalty and would quickly get into fight's over protecting his family if they need it or not.The youngest boy Borabur,5 looked up to his brothers even though the would always play tricks on him being as he was very guliable.

the two sisters age 2 and 3 Sigarra and Silaria would stay and help as best they could around their home.

*What game shall we play before breakfast?* Aracan asked *Wolves in the pasture* A popular game where the boy's all but one would hide and the *wolf* would have to find them.

*No time for games Aracan* Ariacan said sternly *Most of the game have moved on* *if the hunter's do not come back today with any it will be another empty bellied night!*

Though the twin of Ariacas ,Ariacan stood a hand taller and was already showing the well muscled frame of his father.Only onlder by a few minutes the boys looked up to him and would listen as they would their father or they would feel the back of his hand.

The boy's watched the hunters as they trode off.Each knowing that if they returned empty handed once again it would be fish soup once again with what could be caught in the stream close by.

*Do you ever want to leave?* Aracan asked his brother *To see past the mountians?*

*We are Cimmerian Aracan* *We are born here and our bones shall lay here after we are done with them* Ariacan replied.

*Father was talking with Heldrik last eve* Looking towards the ground .He knew how Ariacan felt about his listening to thing's he should not be listening to.

Ariacan always quick to temper was going to strike Aracan but controlled himself. *Aye? and?* he asked.

Looking up reading himself for the blow that did not come. *They were talking about Vanir Raiding parties*

Spitting Ariacan said *this far north?* *Those son's of fatherless jackles!*

*Aye, Heldrik said a village was burned all to the ground and the men were stacked with there eye's plucked out!* *and our women...*

*Ho there! Boy!* The boys looked back to see their father standing outside the home *Ariacan! Ariacas! * he summoned them over to him.

*Aracan and borabur watched them run towards their father. *maybe they are going to hunt that manbeast they talk off around the fires at night* Aracan said to Borabur who's eye's widened. *they say it steals children right from their mothers arms!*

*Really?* asked Borabur looking behind him. *they say it can not be seen at night and travels on the wisps of the wind itself!*

*No!* Borabur esclaimed *you lie!* *it truly does?*

*only children who obey their elders are safe from it's claws* Aracan said with a hint of a smile. *if you fetch me a gord of water from the stream you may be saved from it's clutches!*

*Your not a elder!* Borabur shot back.

*the beast does not know this*Aracan said and Borabur thought this over awhile squinting his eye's then widening them *Ok! ill run as fast as i can!* with that the young boy ran to the hut grabbed a empty gord and sprinted towards the stream.

Aracan's father called him over and told him that he and his Brother's are joining a party to travel north to see if the rumors or Vanir are true. *I need you to help out and take care of your siblings while we are gone*

Letting this sink in ,the words *while we are gone* they were going without him! *i can fight!* *i want to come to!*

*Boy you will listen or get the back of my shield!* his father said and knowing what that ment he bit his lip. We prepare and will leave at noon today when the sun reaches full in the sky* His father and two older brother went off to prepare.

Borabur came running up with water spilling out of the half full gord * I got the water!* he said loudly looking around as if for some unseen thing to hear. Grasbbing the gord without thanks he drank from it his mind elsewhere......

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PostSubject: Re: Blood Ties.   Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:38 pm

((Servers have been up and down for maint today and weren't working very well earlier, so I got on here.

Great story! Nice to know how Ariacan and Borabur and the rest are related! One of us will have to tell the story of diving off the bridge in Old Tarantia! Haha.

So how old are they now? You should post a bio so people won't get them confused. Aracan, the middle child is your main, then? Or Ariacan? Can't recall offhand if they are both 80s or not. Anyway, thanks for the read on your chars, Wulffgarr likes drinking with Ariacan, but always ends up with a terrible hangover and various bruises and aches the next day!))
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Ties.   Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:40 am

when i wrote the story Aracan was my main and Ariacan was on another account i couldnt get access to for the name so made Aracan instead, i always use Ariacan as my tank char so going to phase Aracan out i may write a new story with the original brother Ariacan ,Ariacas and Borabur,Ariacan is around 25-27 and borabur is ten years younger, just need to stop playing and sit down and start writing! hehe
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Ties.   Thu Aug 11, 2011 3:18 pm

Hmmm...Ariacan is the same age as Simage and...

" *Aye, Heldrik said a village was burned all to the ground and the men were stacked with there eye's plucked out!* *and our women...*"

... really caught my attention, considering that in my own backstory...

" She had accompanied her father to the village during one of his trips to sell wolf pelts in the market like she had many times in the past...this time the Vanir Raiders stormed the village".

...makes me wonder if they came from the same region OR that our fathers might have known each other...lots of RP fodder there. Wink

...great read Ariacan, thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Ties.   

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Blood Ties.
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