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 Sealladh - Unite for strength, for wealth, for friendship!!

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PostSubject: Sealladh - Unite for strength, for wealth, for friendship!!   Thu Oct 01, 2009 7:09 pm


-What and who we are-

Sealladh is the very essence of living free willed. All members live a code of honor known as the Sealladh Standard, and strive for the highest honor of all: self-meaning. We are an alliance of people who live and die alongside one another.

Sealladh is a group of friends who unify for friendship, wealth, strength and family. We are the unification of peoples far and wide across Hyboria. We come from all corners of society. Those who belong to the Sealladh alliance come from a vast array of backgrounds: Soldiers, mercenaries, courtesans, slaves and slavers, assassins, peddlers, traders, shop owners and more. We are Mitraic, we are Setite, we are Cromian, we are Ibisaic. Religion, profession, preferences, ages and genders matter none to us so long as you are dedicated to strength, aid and prosperiety in your own life and the life of others who take our oath.

-Where we began-

Sealladh started with a small band of friends and justice bringers - friends who were just simply fed up with the brutality of Hyboria. Callesta, Ramidyous, Psykhie and Dinatessa are the recognized founding four of this great alliance of people. It began as a cause to fight back against those who would cause harm to them, their friends, and innocent people. But this cause has expanded greatly since the early days, moving on to unite many various people of different backgrounds for the purpose of prosperity, strength, aid and security that is deeply rooted in closely knit friendships.

Over time, the numbers of this Sealladh alliance has grown to a point where an actual structural heirarchy was required to better organize those within. Callesta, one of the founders, was given the rank of Magistrate and it has become the duty of all those within the alliance to see to her protection or risk the destruction of the structure she has helped create. This cause gave rise to The Praetorian Guard - a band within the alliance, led by the ranking Praetor, dedicated solely to the protection of Callesta - takes an oath of blood to see to her security and safety. In return, they are given the red cloak of nobility bearing the honorable seal of Sealladh's Praetorian Guard.

The first tasks that the original members of this alliance endeavored upon was removing Hyboria of imperical, tyrannical, hostile bands of heathens that were plaguing the innocent, the weak and the defenseless. Uniting their arms and arrows for this cause, Sealladh strategized a course of attack to take down a guild that feasted on Tortage's weakest - Lords of Chaos. Through deceit, Lords of Chaos brought themselves to the forefront of Sealladh's priorities and had to be removed from the lands for the safety of themselves and others, before larger matters could be handled. Using a direct plan of attack orchestrated by then General Ramidyous, Sealladh ran Lords of Chaos off Tortage and severed the ties to organized crimes that financed their actions on Tortage, thereby ending the guild altogether.

The next priority for Sealladh was to free the many friends and family that were living in peril and fear under the attacks of Empire of Stygia, a band of Stygian mercenaries that thought themselves to be imperial and tyrannized the populce of Khemi and other Stygian cities and provinces. Led this time by then Praetor Snowfire, under direct orders from General Ramidyous, the forces of Sealladh unified their arms and arrows once again. The battles that ensued were massive; Sealladh's warriors were persistant, yet the Empire of Stygia ever so resistant to the attacks. A break in the stalemate was made when Sealladh captured the daughter of the opposing force's leader. An order to lay down their arms and stop their hostility and tyrannization was issued to Empire of Stygia, who reluctantly had to agree. The losses in this war sustained by both sides was great, but the loss of the war was too much of a burden on Empire of Stygia who fell apart under the economical and political burdens within.

From here Sealladh's reputation for strength and honor was bore into the minds of people across Hyboria. Through victory their name has obtained a glory that few people ever have the honor of being part of. Sealladh began to grow even more in strength and in number, and the concept of what it means to be part of the Sealladh alliance began to change into what it is today...which brings us to...

-What we are today-

Through the noble victories of Sealladh's past, the alliance has grown to become a deeper meaning than those who fight for freedom, honor or glory. The noble underlaying still resides, as the Sealladh Standard and Oath still include vows of protecting the defenseless and preserving culture. However, it have become far more broad and diverse in terms of goals and the intentions of those within the alliance. It is no longer an alliance solely dedicated to peace and protection, but rather, an alliance that dedicates their lives to their own self worth and self meaning. Sealladh, these days, is more about unifying individuals for a greater strength. In unity, they find the strength they could not find otherwise; in unity, they find the potential for wealth; in unity, they find the world wide friendship that empowers them and preserves who they are. If one is in danger, we all rise to their defense. If one is under attack, we are all under attack.

Entertainers, courtesans, slaves, dark dealers and lotus addicts have found their own place amongst the alliance just as the noblility, the soldiers and the mercenaries have banded together in the early stages of the alliance. It is no longer about justice, peace, honor and glory - but about strength as a whole, business potential, protection from others, preserving culture and above all, long lasting friends that will be beside you always.

Differences may keep us apart culturally, or morally. But our oath to this alliance and it's standard bind us together regardless of these differences. For it is within these differences that we find the diversity that, when united, makes us capable of amazing things.

Sealladh Magistrate

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PostSubject: Re: Sealladh - Unite for strength, for wealth, for friendship!!   Wed Sep 29, 2010 1:22 am

Updated 9.28.10, as per our move to Wiccana.
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Sealladh - Unite for strength, for wealth, for friendship!!
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