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 Faucon (and alts) updated

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PostSubject: Faucon (and alts) updated   Tue Sep 29, 2009 11:28 pm

I realized I've never said much about my characters background... There's not always much to tell, sometimes they just had a boring life... Anyway, I can maybe tell you guys more about their personalities!

Also, before I switch to my characters, just a few things about me:
I'm French, 25, grad student at Ohio State, Ohio, in chemistry.
Also, Neferoure is my girlfriend. We live together, and play together... So what you say to me, she knows, and vice-versa. Wink
Oh, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it's Tang Soo Do night (martial art), so I usually come home late and won't be playing.

Alright, back to the main subject ! (Excuse me if I take some liberties with AoC lore, I don't know much about it ! Very Happy )

Class: Demonologist (specialized in burning things)
level: Demi-god (80)
Background: Faucon was born in Stygia, from a rich family. He took up magic out of boredom, and turned to treating with demons very fast, in order to progress rapidly. Although treating with demons initially turned him to a sacrifice-easy power-hungry bastard, it led to him meeting Neferoure, who had gone far beyond treating with demons. Seeing what you could become following this path, he turned around and spent his murderous needs on those who deserved it. He didn't exactly fight for good, but he preferred to kill bad guys, given the choice, and to stir Neferoure in that direction, too.
Personality: Faucon has now learned all he could from his art. He usually revels in cruelty against evil ones, he loves to burn things, and he can be quite frightening, shouting like a madman over the battlefield. He is quite attached to Neferoure and his pet demon Zophia. He likes to seem a lot eviler than he really is.

Class: Conqueror (wielding two weapons, but still rather spec'ed for tanking)
level: Ass-kicker (50-ish and rising Very Happy )
Background: 27 is certainly a strange name. Well, although he doesn't speak about it much, 27 doesn't remember his real name. His first memory is off the arena. He was the 27th man to face The Volcano, a legend of a gladiator, 7 feet high, wielding two gigantic masses in a devastating whirlwind. 27 was then 23 years old. He didn't remember anything, but it seemed he had some good fighting skills, since he managed to interrupt the Yeti's attempt to kill 50 men in a row. And to kill the 23 others after him. And many others after that. He fought in the arena for 22 years, getting a certain reputation for being a fierce combatant and a skilled leader in combat (he fought many staged battles). Then one day, he decided he had enough, and organized his fellow gladiators so as to escape their cells and their conditions. They managed to kill all their guards and to flee, but were followed by half the Stygian army, and got trapped in an old garrison. After three days of intensive battle, 27 surrendered under the condition none of them would be killed. The Stygians accepted. They brought all the gladiators back to their cells, but they sent 27 to serve under Thoth-Amon. The ship that carried him however crashed not far from Tortage, freeing him for good. It was on that ship that he met Melora, and was impressed by the will to survive of the young ranger. They decided to watch each other back until such time as they wouldn't need to fight as much anymore.
Personality: 27 doesn't talk much. When he talks, he only says the essential. Only during fight do people hear his voice bellow orders and taunt the enemy over the sounds of the battle. He is very loyal, has a great hatred for slavers and those who kill for pleasure, and is generally weary of Stygians.

Blackfangs is not in the guild, and will never be. He is not interested in guilds, partly because he is in his own "Redenvoy's Pet" guild, but mostly because his mission doesn't go too well with Sealladh. That doesn't mean he won't help Sealladh when he finds them, or adventure with them ! Plus I like his concept, so I'll write it here anyway ! :p
Class: Demonic Assassin (specialized in unholy attacks)
Level: Still unused to this weak incarnation (35-ish and rising)
Background: Blackfangs is not human. He might seem to be, but even his human appearance doesn't look too natural, and his voice is filled with the flames of Hell. He is a demon, sent by Set to watch over His Envoy on earth. The Envoy has one task: bring Set's Words everywhere she goes, and kill the heathens that won't follow Set. Blackfangs has two tasks: Protect and assist the Envoy.
Personality: Blackfangs is a demon. He doesn't mind his mission, since it involves a lot of killing and torturing. However; he resents being trapped in a human-like body, where he can't really use all his powers. Blackfangs would kill anyone that doesn't bow before the Red Envoy, but she has forbidden it, since it doesn't help converting people a whole lot. So he only kills to protect her, and when she asks. Although he isn't linked to Sealladh in any way, he had dealings with Faucon when he was still a demon lord in Hell, and will likely be - grudgingly - friendly with Sealladh members.

Zhaam doesn't have any story, she's an anti-gank patrol in Tortage ! (25 Necro)

Others might come as I play them more, and they join Sealladh!

Last edited by Faucon on Tue Sep 29, 2009 11:41 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : added personal OOC infos)
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Posts : 138
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PostSubject: Re: Faucon (and alts) updated   Thu Oct 22, 2009 4:52 pm

I've been having two more alts joining recently. One is an old-timer that I stopped playing with for some time, and the other is a beginner, fresh out of Tortage.

Class: Barbarian
level: Come try me! (73)
Background: Claymora hasn't had anything really unusual in her life. She was raised in a Cimmerian village, not too far from Conarch Village. Both her parents were strong warriors, and she was raised as one from very young. She was the fiercest young in the village, and few were those, even older, than would mess with her. She didn't have that many friends, but she didn't really care. She liked to fight. At some point, though, fighting Vanirs got boring, so she set out to traveling. It was in Tortage that she met the Stygian witch Ahvara. Ahvara was much of what she had been raised to hate. She did magic, she disrespected the dead, she was smug and she was Stygian. They started up fighting as soon as they met. After a good hour of fighting, they both realized the other was pretty strong, in her own domain. They decided to adventure together and see who killed stuff faster. What started as a competition ended up being a twisted friendship, although they would both laugh at the idea. Each of them doesn't miss any occasion to taunt the other, to try to outfight her. Still, woe to those who think they can interfere!
Personality: Claymora loves to fight. She wasn't raised in any fancy castle, and has very little of what people call "good manners". She also has an incredibly foul mouth (although I try to keep actual curses low... I'll try to make up colorful insults, rather ! Very Happy ), and shouts all kind of insults while fighting. She still has an instinct for good camaraderie, and will defend her friends and ally with all she has.

Class: Ranger (Crossbow)
level: Fresh out of the womb (20+)
Background: Mihya and Zihya were born in a fishermen village on the coast of Stygia, with Mihya only a couple minutes behind Zihya. Their childhood went uneventful, the two of them never seen apart, until pirates raided their village. As is usual in those cases, they killed most people and put most houses on fire. Mihya and Zihya managed to escape the killing part by hiding in one of the houses, but when the pirates put fire to the said house, part of the roof fell down on them. Mihya got out unhurt, but Zihya got stuck under the collapsed beams. Mihya tried her best to free her twin sister, but they were only 11 at the time, and there wasn't much she could do. Always the most decisive of them both, Zihya managed to convince her sister to go fetch some help.
Alas, no one was left alive in the village, so she ran out to the next village, to find out it had been pillaged too. Desperate, she came running back to her sister, only to find that she was gone.
She sat down near the burned down house for three days, crying herself dry, then hunger forced her to move. After walking in a random direction for two more days, she tumbled upon a bandits' camp. Seeing in her a possible servant, they fed her, provided a place to sleep. They kept her for one full year where she didn't talk and always seemed lost in her thoughts, before she snapped out of her depression. It happened one night, when she dreamt that her sister was calling to her. She then decided to grow stronger and go find Zihya. From then one, although she still didn't talk, she watched around her with attention. For three more years she served the bandits, taking everything they did in. She tried several weapons when everyone was asleep, but swords were too heavy for her, bows too hard to bend. She found she liked how crossbows delivered a punch of power and only needed moderate strength to arm. She trained hard on the crossbow, hunting wild animals. Then one night, she dreamt her sister was calling out to her again. So she slipped out of the camp and went back on the road.
She searched for two more years, going from place to place, before finding out that her sister was held by a powerful mage in Khemi. She watched the mage house for days, finding all she could about it, figuring who went in and when, and at what times. She watched the household guards change watch three times a day, finding all the kinks that would allow a 17-years-old girl to free her sister from a powerful mage's manor. Then, one night, she saw one tiny figure walk out of a back door in a hurry. Her heart leapt in her chest when she immediatly recognized her sister. She jumped down the roof she was on and ran at her, only to dive to the ground while a ball of fire whizzed past her. The Zihya recognized her, and they felt in each other arms. Zihya then went "It took you long enough! Come, let's go before they catch up with us!", and they left without turning back, finding passage on a ship to Aquilonia.
Personality: Mihya is pretty shy. She didn't talk from the age of 11 to the age of 17, and still doesn't talk much to strangers. She doesn't like to kill people, although monsters are quite alright. The thing she fears most now is to be separated from her sister once again, and she'd rather die than let that happen. Since Zihya is much more at ease with people, Mihya usually hides behind her and let her do all the talking.
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Faucon (and alts) updated
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