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 Origins of Snowfire

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PostSubject: Origins of Snowfire   Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:25 pm

Snowfire was born into a Cimmerian tribe along the windswept Eiglophian mountain ranges. His father Blackwolf was a fierce and influential tribesman, rumored to have ventured into Nordheim itself in his youth. He had an iron will and was stubborn, but his courageous battle tested leadership in the face of death, earned him respect and deference in matters of tribe security.

Snowfire only had fleeting images of his warm hearted mother, who died in her youth as she was bearing Blackwolf's second child, who also perished. In his youth Snowfire learned hard lessons normally reserved for later in life. Fairness in life is an illusion, perceptions can have a greater influence than the truth, moral courage is the backbone of leadership, and friendship is earned from deeds.

The years passed, and Snowfire continually trained his body and mind in the arts of war, to someday fight by alongside his father. That day never came to be. Spring that normally carried laughter on its wings, one year brought instead apprehension. Warriors from Vanaheim were massing along the Cimmerian borders, and word spread quickly that several nearby Cimmerian tribes along the Eiglophian ranges were joining forces to secure the borders.

Blackwolf led the fierce men of his village toward the border, but prohibited Snowfire from joining. "You carry the courage and strength of our heritage in your heart, my son, but youth and lack of experience has no place on the battlefield. Always be proud of your name that reflects the fiery spirit of our forefathers in these snowcapped peaks." After a strong silent embrace Blackwolf was gone. Days passed, then weeks, but no word of Blackwolf reached the village. A sense of purposelessness settled amongst those who remained, and after some months everyone began to leave and Snowfire followed.

As Snowfire neared the border where the battles were faught, signs of death increased, and the realization of his father's death sunk into his soul. There were Cimmerian clans rebuilding the burned villages, and Snowfire learned how the great battle saved hundreds of villages and thousands of lives in the Eiglophian mountains of his birth. A sense of purpose returned, and Snowfire knew that his clan's fiery spirit would always remain deep in his heart, even if his clan no longer existed.

I offer comraderie through positive reinforcement, loyalty, leadership when invited to do so, and friendship when mutually desired. In AoC I seek a roleplay environment, PvP with honor (only attacking those in full health and not engaged with NPC), and comraderie with clan members. I believe that leadership is inspring the best in others, and not tolerating drama. My real name is David, and I am in my 30's.
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PostSubject: Re: Origins of Snowfire   Mon Sep 21, 2009 12:45 am

It's wonderful to have Snowfire with us, David.

A member like you will go a long way for promoting what this guild is all about - honor, roleplay, and fun. It is possible to be a pvp'er and still be honorable in what you do, and Snowfire is the pinnacle of that.
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Origins of Snowfire
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