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 Bloodphoenix's Application

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PostSubject: Bloodphoenix's Application    Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:21 am


Name: Zun Tao the "Blood Phoenix"

Age: Unknown Around 23

Blood Phoenix as he is now know has always been a quiet one. Always keeping to himself not trying to get to involved in one way or another. He has always had trust issues do tot he fact of being sold in slavery at a very young age.

At the age of four. Zun Tao later to be know as The Blood Phoenix was sold into slavery. Striped away from his mother and never knowing his farther, Zun Tao has always been a closed book. Keeping to himself the best he can. Only saying a few words as needed to survive. It has always been hard for Zun to trust another person due to the fact that everyone he had ever known betrayed him one way or another. Being a slave was hard on Zun, but at the age of or around 8 he meet a boy named Lao. Lao being around the same age as Zun, had a lot in common. They became close as thieves through their lives. Always getting into trouble with the slave master of the palace. They would laugh as they ran from the guards, knowing when they got caught that they would be beaten from an inch of their lives. The punishment didn't bother Zun. It was when they would seperate Lao from Zun that hurt the most.

Around when Zun was 16 they took Lao to another part of the palace. Zun would not see Lao for almost two years. Then one year at around the age of 18 he was finally reunited with his old friend. Zun was so happy to see his old friend and be apart of his life once again, but a dark cloud hung over Lao. Zun could notice the differences in Lao's personality. Lao seemed to be more gloomy then he remembered, and seemed to never smile. Zun thought it was the palace and being a slave that was finally getting to Lao. "And who could blame him" Zun thought to him self. So one night Zun finally decided he would get his friend away from this life of a slave. So Zun came up with a plan to escape the palace in which Lao and himself had served since they can remember.

Zun still has chills when he thinks back to that cold and damp night. Zun had the idea that they could escape from the slave house in the night when the guards where to change shifts. Zun had watch the changing of the shifts for as many years as he could remember, and the third night of the new moon was always the same. The new guards were always 15 minutes late to their shift. And it will be that 15 minutes that Zun will use to escape. Two nights before the night they were to escape. Zun told Lao of his great plan. Lao listened to Zun plan with a blank stare on his face as he always did since he came back for the other part of the palace. Lao just sat there staring at Zun expressionless. Then when Zun finished explaining his plan a cold evil grin came across Lao's face. Zun threw it up to Lao being happy that they would finally escape. Zun had came up with this idea a few years back, but was worried about his only friend, that he put off escaping til he found out what had happened to his old friend before he escaped. Zun told Lao to meet him at the most southern Tower on the grounds near where the guards were to change shifts. they would escape by the opening in the old wall that the guards have guarded for years. The lords must of been to lazy to fix the wall so just hired more guards to watch it. Zun loved the idea of the laziness of his so called lords would be his salvation.

The chills of that night still ride Zun's spine at times. As he slowly made his way to the meeting spot. he looked up to see the blood red moon shining down lighting his way like a doorway out of hell. He heard foot steps coming from behind him. " Bout time you showed up Lao" he said as he turned around to face an army of guards lead by Lao. " There he is" Lao said with a smile. and a finger pointed to Zun. Zun felt that finger as if it was impaling his soul. As they carried Zun away Zun yelled at Lao. "Why Lao, Why!?!" "You will know soon enough my old friend."Lao said with a grin. Zun woke up on a cold stone table. The room was swallowed whole by the darkness. Behind him he could hear chanting. Chanting in a language he had never heard before. A language that seemed older the the world it self. Men dressed in dark robes and cloaks covering their faces started to come closer to Zun, their figures forming in the cloudiness of the darkness. Zun tried to jump up to escape, but to his dismay his hands and feet were bond. He tried to scream, but his mouth gagged. He looked with horror as he saw Lao standing over him. Smiling coldly down. "Welcome home my friend" Lao smirked. Zun mind faded as if someone was trying to take control. he had heard of this before from the older slaves. the talk of being possessed. I feltas if a demon was clawing and ripping his way inside. Zun could feel someone taking control. Soon he could see clearly in that dark room. he could see every little detail. Each stone and gain of sand, the blood flowing in the viens of the men chanting.Blood rage fueled him as he looked at his friend to see not a drop of blood flowing. It was clear to him now. Someone had killed Lao, and used his corpse to find someone strong enough to host this demon his felt inside him. In rage Zun Screamed, his vision became blood red.

In his rage he ripped those binds like ribbon and jumped for the first throat he could find. He bleed them dry, Zun had master this being that possessed his body. He would use this new power and destroy all that hurt him. When Zun awoke the next day. He looked around to find all had been slain, even the slaves. In Zun's blood rage he brought fire to the palace ,and had killed everyone in that castle. All but one it seemed. A little slave girl had hid in a closet when she heard all the screams. She saw Zun kill Hundreds and hundreds of guards and slaves alike.Then as she thought he would find her and kill her too. He fell to his Knees covered in blood, his eyes that glowed blood red finally closed. As if the beast finally was pacified with all the blood that now covered him just came to a stop. As if to die in the middle of all the corpses it once ripped through. The Next Morning she saw him awake as to rise from a pool of blood. She saw a god rise to this world, and then he just walked away.She ran to the nearest town to tell her story of the man who destroyed a whole army only to die and rise again the next day.This man became know as Zun Tao The Blood Phoenix.


AGE: 30

I'm a 30 year man who loves to play MMOs and come up with back stories for my characters. I might not be the best of writers when it comes to grammar or spelling, but i still try.

I have been part of and ran many of guild of the past 15 years from OU back in 97 to AOC now and plan to make new friends and fellow RPers in a new guild i would like to call home.

Class: I enjoy playing HOX in AOC. i have always been a hybrid kind of guy Razz

What i enjoy most about RP is the fact that my characters are that MINE. i can come up with all kinds of back stories and really have fun with it.
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PostSubject: Re: Bloodphoenix's Application    Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:05 pm

Hello there Bloodphoenix. I have you added to my friends list on bot Kiaana and Oduda so I will look for you in game. You can also look for Amma, Lenely, Callesta and Lepeda and tell them you have spoken to me. Hope to see you in game soon. ^_^
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Bloodphoenix's Application
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