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 Recipe locatoins

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PostSubject: Recipe locatoins   Wed Nov 09, 2011 4:20 am

This guild is to help those who might wish to hunt for specific recipes to find them. I will list it by location and what drops at that location and who it drops from. Keep in mind that city recipes (the most common form) are random drops from level appropriate mobs. Culture armor is split into accessories which makes Hands, Feet and Belt from the same recipe, and main which makes chest, legs and helm from the same recipes. Base armor recipes all make chest, legs and helm from the same recipe. Culture weapons and base weapons will have which weapons the recipe makes listed beneath the recipe name.

Atilus' Mansion
Marquise Jet (gem) - Atilus
Marquise Pusparagam (gem) - Atilus
Sanguine Radiant Sapphire (gem) - Atilus

Atzles Fortress
Royal Gold (alchemy) - Brokk the Smith
Black Gold (alchemy) - Brokk the Smith
Darksteel (alchemy) - Brokk the Smith
Zhemrian Bronze (alchemy) - Brokk the Smith
Tumbaga (alchemy) - Brokk the Smith
Purlwire (alchemy) - Brokk the Smith
Hyperborean Grimsword Adornments (Dark Templar culture accessories) - Lord Suth
Hyperborean Grimsword Corslets (Dark Templar culture main) - Lord Suth
Pictish Cryptbearer Accouterments (Necromancer culture accessories) - Tainmic
Pictish Cryptbearer Skins (Necromancer culture main) - Tainmic
Bossonian Prowler Accessories (Assassin culture accessories) - Talon the Spy Master
Bossonian Prowler Guise (Assassin culture main) - Talon the Spy Master
White Hand Valewalker Accounterments (Demonologis culture accessories) - Osithmes
Vanaheim Conquest Adornments (Conqueror culture accessories) - Rorik the Ghost
Vanaheim Conquest Guardings (Conqueror culture main) - Rorik the Ghost

Caravan Raiders Hideout
Armaments of Forgotten Kingdoms (culture weapons) - Prince Abaddon
-Lemurian Firestick
-Acheronian Evening Star
-Atlantean Albarest

Tiraz (weaver) - Jon Vermis
Celebrant Garments (base priest armor) - Commander Zoria
Brute Garb (base rouge armor) - Commander Zoria
Mercenary Equipment (base soldier armor) - Commander Zoria
Incantor Attire (base mage armor) - Commander Zoria

Bronze (alchemy) - Alchemy Table
Corinthiacum (alchemy) - Alchemy Table
Candidum (alchemy) - Alchemy Table
Niello (alchemy) - Alchemy Table
Decorative Zircite (alchemy) - Alchemy Table
Hepatizon (alchemy) - Alchemy Table
Billon (alchemy) - Alchemy Table

Commons District
Caystones (alchemy) - Riot Leader
Oxides (alchemy) - Watch Commander
Chalcedony (alchemy) - Watch Commander
Lifestones (alchemy) - ?
Crystal (alchemy) - ?
Hexstone (alchemy) - ?

Crows Nest
Ornaments of the Glorious City (Necklace) - Jovus
-Eye of the Watcher
-Mystic's Delight
-Amulet of Good Fortune
Signets of the Glorious City (Ring) - Jovus
-Dreamer's Keepsake
-Energetic Band
-Ring of Protection

Frost Swamps
Shimmer Silk (weaver) - Spider Queen Ssravizh
Battlegear of the North (culture weapons) - White Hand Blood Lord (rare spawn)
-Brythunian Calvary Axe
-Asgardian Snowaxe
-Vanaheim Raidbreaker
White Hand Valewalker Raiment (Demonologist culture main) - Ukkonen

Halls of Eternal Frost
Taffeta (weaver) - First Boss (unsure of the name)
Straightened Staves (base weapons) - Acheronian Warlord
-Hardwood Quarterstaff
Imbued Talismans (base weapons) - Acheronian Warlord
-Plainwrought Charm
-Weeping Bauble
Polished Aspis (base armor) - Acheronian Warlord
-Polished Aspis
Sharpened Daggers (base weapons) - Acheronian Warlord
-Balanced Shank
-Well-honed Spire

Imirian Ravine
Secrests of the West (culture weapons) - Deatheater Setkanh
-Asuran Ceremonial Dagger
-Eye of Zath
-Dagon's Luck
Zingaran Doomed Path Trimmings (Ranger culture accessories) - Master of the Bow Valerose
Zingaran Doomed Path Trappings (Ranger culture main) - Master of the Bow Valerose

Iron Tower
Iron Swill (alchemy) - Quest to learn recipe, does not drop.

Main System
Shagreen (skinner) - Sewer King

Oasis of Zahara
Piteado (skinner) - Rottenblood the Tracker
Blood of the South (culture weapons) - Cannibal Chief
-Yoggite Ritual Club
-Black Kingdom Assegai
-Ajujo's Fate
Kushite Savage Howl Trimmings (Barbarian culture accessories) - Chief of the Manhunt Mak'tabe
Kushite Savage Howl Pelts (Barbarian culture main) - Chief of the Manhunt Mak'tabe

Onyx Chambers
Protectors of the East (base weapons/armor) - Schult
-Falchion of the Blue East
-Pteor's Flight
-Yama's Defender
Acheronian Keepers Adornments (guardian culture accessories) - Bane Master
Acheronian Keepers Armature (guardian culture main) - Bane Master
Nemedian Cursecaller Accouterments ( Herald of Xotli culture accessories) - Slave Mistress
Nemedian Cursecaller Regalia (Herald of Xotli culture main) - Slave Mistress
Stygian Deathcoil Garmature ( Tempest of Set culture accessories) - Neftummon
Stygian Deathcoil Vesture (Tempest of Set culture main) - Neftummon
Argossean Sunpalmer Garmature (Priest of Mitra culture accessories) - Nefru
Argossean Sunpalmer Leathers (Priest of Mitra culture main) - Nefru
Shemite Stormwatcher Trimmings (Bear Shaman culture accessories) - Kesh
Shemite Stormwatcher Coverings (Bear Shaman culture main) - Kesh

Scorpion Caves
Buckskin (skinner) - Abomination
Forged Axes (base weapons) - Constantius
-Piliant Dolabra
-Corded Labrys
Ferric Rods (base weapons) - Constantius
-Large Ferric Rod
-Small Ferric Rod
Assembled Bows (base weapons) - Constantius
-Shaped Greenwood
-Oiled Gastraphetes
Wrought Swords (base weapons) - Constantius
-Mercurial Blade
-Bastard Steel

Tainted Alkahest (alchemy) - ? (one of the bosses before the bride boss, random spawns and unsure of which one)

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PostSubject: Re: Recipe locatoins   Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:03 am

Tainted alkahest dropped for me on Lepeda from the boss right before the 'bridge' boss.

Very nice guide, should throw it up on the official forums too!
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Age : 42
Location : Arizona, USA

PostSubject: Re: Recipe locatoins   Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:21 pm

Yes, but what was the boss's name? There are a few different bosses that can spawn in that room but only one of those bosses can actually drop the recipe.
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PostSubject: Re: Recipe locatoins   

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Recipe locatoins
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