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 An act of kindness

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PostSubject: An act of kindness   Mon Oct 31, 2011 5:38 pm

Ahnknepht (Nepht to those she called friends) stepped through the gate that separated Conarch Village from the rest of Conell's Valley, the snow crunching under her the east lay her destination, a meeting with the embattled Chieftain who was holding back the Vanir tide...

...she was no more than one hundred yards from the gate when a weak, pitiful voice broke the silence...

"Please miss...could you spare a mouthful of food?"

...Nepht continued to walk, like she had seen many others do moments before...then she stopped as her Mistress' words echoed in her ears...

"Travel to these lands, aid the downtrodden, help the helpless, bring your terrible powers against those that deserve it..."

...she took a breath, silently cursing herself for the moment of arrogance she had felt. Walking over to the beggar, she noticed that it was a young girl...not much younger than her own 18 summers who was dressed in tattered rags ill suited for the Cimmerian cold. She crouched down near the girl who had cast her eyes to the ground, lifting a thin hand toward her speaking softly...

"Please...a morsel to eat?"

...Nepht set her bag on the ground digging into it for some of the provisions stored there, handing a meal to the beggar...

"Whats your name girl? I am Ahnknepht or Nepht if you prefer."

"...Peggie mistress."

...She was taken aback initially at being called mistress, then pulled out the warm cloak she had brought along wrapping it around the girl's shoulders...

"What are you doing out here, shouldn't you be in the village?"

"The guards threw me out mistress, they said I was not allowed to beg there...I'm a slave and am lost...what am I to do other than beg?"

...Nepht turned her eyes toward the gate she had recently exited clenching her jaw, then returned her attention to the girl...

"So you have no mistress or master Peggie?"

"Yes mistress, she has been gone a long time...some months now, in the Dark-Realms and..."

"She left you with no way to attend to your own needs?"

"...yes mistress Ahnknepht."

...Nepht knew that she had to do something or this poor soul who's path the gods had crossed hers with would perish. Her mind raced for a solution...she snapped her fingers as an idea struck her...

"We have to get you into the village where you can get some food and warmth."

"...mistress the guards will not allow me in, I'm a beggar and a slave."

"'re Mistress has been gone several months now that makes you "abandoned property."

...the girl looked at Nepht confused and a bit scared but only said...

"...yes mistress."

...Nepht crossed her arms as a broad smile settled on her face, proud of her stroke of genius...

"Very well Peggie, you belong to me now...I will claim you as my own!"

" Mistress will be angry with me."

"You let me worry about your former mistress, whats her name?"

"...Nancyvmpyr Mistress."

...Nepht's blood ran cold for a moment as her thoughts raced to grasp what she had just heard, then she dismissed the thoughts...

"No matter my friend, I will speak to my Mentor Nancyhades on this matter later, she may know this individual and have some influence."

...the girl looked at Nepht again then to the ground...

"I will be your loyal slave my Mistress may your slave repay you for your kindness?"

...Nepht stared at her new "slave" wide-eyed with her mouth hanging open a bit...

"Peggie I don't need or want a slave, but I would gladly accept the company of a companion and friend on my travels."

"I am what ever you wish me to be Mistress, my will is to obey your command."

...Nepht stomped a foot on the frozen ground in frustration...

"You're not my slave're my friend and companion, to do as YOU wish to of your own will."

...the girl bowed her head...

"Yes Mistress as you wish it."

...Nepht began to understand that the "way" the girl called her Mistress had changed (it had grown more respectful and less subordinate), she laughed and put her arm around the girl's shoulder...

"Okay Peggie, let us just take this one step at a time. First order of business, get you warm and fed a decent meal."

...she caught a small smile appear on Peggie's face (for the first time) and returned it with her own warm grin...

"Peggie, you can trust me. We're friends, traveling companions now...I won't ask anything of you that you can't ask of me in kind without fear of punishment."

...together they started to walk toward the waiting village gate, Peggie fell a few steps behind Nepht and continues to walk. The Stygian Sorceress stopped to look at her friend...

"What are you doing?"

"...a slave should walk at least two paces behind and to the left of the Mistress."

...Nepht thought for a second looking for a way to allow Peggie to feel comfortable...

"Very would please me to have you walk beside me as an equal Peggie."

...she watched as the girls face lit up and her mouth split into a broad smile as she stepped up next to her, a smile that even made Nepht feel warm...

"Thank you Mistress! Only the most adored and trusted slaves are allowed such an honor...Oh thank you!

...Nepht leaned close to her friend with a smile of her own...

"So are friends Peggie, remember that. Now lets get you warm."

...they walked through the gate into Conarch Village, Ahnknepht's amber colored eyes dared the guards to utter a word against Peggie's entry as they passed...the guards said nothing, minding their own business. Nepht felt her Mistress would be proud of her actions and ingenuity.

(taken from actual RP from 10/30/2011)
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An act of kindness
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