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 Ahnknepht:Mistress of the Damned

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PostSubject: Ahnknepht:Mistress of the Damned   Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:58 pm

My name is Ahnknepht and I am a Mistress of the Damned. I am a Necromancer by heritage and a cruel twist of fates.

My Father was a good, honest, hard working man...a fisherman by trade he had managed to reach a level of wealth that allowed him to attend to the needs of his pregnant wife and keep them in relative comfort. My mother is another tale all together, her family had at one time been wealthy...very wealthy, but their fortunes were squandered and were long gone. She was a Necromancer as was my Grandmother, my mother sought the secrets of immortality. While I was still in her womb she imbibed an elixir that was proposed to grant her the eternal beauty that she craved. However, there was an unexpected side effect...something in that potion forced her to go into labor. She hadn't considered what this elixir would do to the child she carried within her as it coursed through both of us...

...I have been told by others that my Mother died with a gasp as she gave birth to me and that as I was born and took my first breath of life, my Mother's ended. Unlike her and my Grand-mother who had learned to command the forces of the netherworld...I was born to them and first used them against the Mother that birthed me to draw the life from her for my own survival.

Though I wield terrible powers of the underworld with only a thought, I have been pointed to my Mistress/Mentor Nancyhades to learn the discipline to control it and not be consumed or corrupted by it...

Name: Ahnknepht
Race: Stygian
Age: 17-18
Appearance: Slim and pale for a Stygian, but still a pleasing sight for the eyes to look at.
Class: Necromancer

(FYI...this is a Simage alt Smile )

My FB name is "Ahnknepht Sealladh"
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Ahnknepht:Mistress of the Damned
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