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January 2019
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 I am Nessiri and she hopes to pleasure you yes?

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PostSubject: I am Nessiri and she hopes to pleasure you yes?   Thu Oct 13, 2011 6:10 pm

Nessiri will tell you her tale yes? Her Mother and Father never did she know...poor poor Nessiri was a street urchin, stealing and lying to survive in Khemi she did. Many skills did your most humble servant learn, how not to been seen and to move as quiet as a soft desert breeze yes. For many years this was her way, then the man came to her...Nessiri never knew his name, but he asked if she could dance and of course Nessiri said she could...

...the most beautiful Nessiri began to clear tables at the Serpent's Head Inn making small coin, but enough that she did not have to steal for her bread and wine. This does not mean that the cunning Nessiri did not steal...oh no Nessiri always wants more than is offered yes...

...that is when trouble finds your most humble Nessiri...How was Nessiri to know that the bloated pig would wake up after Nessiri took him upstairs yes? He wanted Nessiri to let him be inside of her...THIS was not going to happen no! So being a smart one, Nessiri fed him great quantities of good wine and laughter, a wise and cunning plan yes? Your servant was barely strong enough to carry this fat pig's bulk up to the room and placing him on the bed to sleep, that is when Nessiri bent to her cunning work...going through things to find all of the coin that Nessiri wanted to take yes...

...BAH and the curses of Set on that camel breathed son of a pig, he did not stay sleeping as Nessiri had planned and grabbed her pleasant bottom from behind frightening her terribly. With a shriek your poor poor Nessiri did not think before she acted and stuck her knife into the pig's was Nessiri to know that this pig would squeal so loud? So...Nessiri ran as fast and as far away as she could, bringing her here to you her dearest friends, masters and mistresses to be your most loyal and humble servant yes?

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I am Nessiri and she hopes to pleasure you yes?
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