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 Arthariax - The REAL untold story?

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PostSubject: Arthariax - The REAL untold story?   Mon Oct 03, 2011 8:19 am

It was the 691st day of the new year.

Life was good, dandy, screams... why do I hear the screams? Why do they still scream in my ear? Stop. Stop the screaming! Stop! No! Don't! AAAAAAH!


Father was a good woman. He worked his hardest to take care of myself and my brother, Xiviriax. There was never a task too great or too small for our gracious father. He worked to make us happy, and in turn we tried to do the same. Father... Mother... Father... Blood? Why is there so much blood everywhere? Mm... Delicious blood.

This day was a special day, too. It was my eighth and last Birthday. Propaganda had been placed all around our humble village for friends, neighbors, and general fellows from all around to join in on such a wonderous celebration that was to befall this day. Many people! Yes... Precious people. People so precious. We likes the people.

The day quickly shaded to night, and celebrations began. Why is the day moving so fast? I sit upon the balcony waiting for father. Where is father? Father comes. Why does father come so heavy? Father bleeds. Why do you bleed father? Father falls. Father? Father?! Wake up father! Father wakes. Yay! Father drones. What does it tell us father? Mother and brother enter. Hello mother! Hello brother! Father explodes. Bad brother! Mother screams... then explodes. Why mother?


Mother was a good man. She worked her hardest to take car of myself and my brother, Xiviriax. There was never a task too great or too small for our gracious mother. She worked to make us happy, and in turn, we tried to do the same. Mother... Father... Mother... Chunky bits! Blood! Let us play! Play with the blood we play!

This night was special. It was my eighth birthday. Mother had taken the time to make sure everyone was tended to this day. Mother was always out to impress and please the locals. Everybody loved her. She made sure there were many people today, though, and asked me to wait on the balcony before the festivities began.

But this is my night mother! Why am I waiting on the balcony for you?

I waited on the balcony for an eternity for you, mother. Where are you?

Mother comes, and informs me that father will be there momentarily with the greatest birthday gift ever. Excited we are! Father comes, and blood drips from his head to his toes. I stand to face him, to offer a hand, and he falls to my feet, face smashing into the hard stone. Is father okay? With a cautious yet curious hand I reach down to see if father is still among the living. Before my hand reaches his blood soaked face, he mumbles words of strange origin. They are not words of this world, but I understand each and every one of them. Why do I understand? How do I know this? What is happening father? As the words leave his mouth, so does his spirit, and I can feel it... screaming, wailing, moaning...

As his spirit guided away, slowly creeping from my grasp, I knew what I must do. I sat, feet crossed, repeating those words my father had muffled out to me before he was no more for this world. And then, I could feel it. Power. The raw energy from absorbing his fallen spirit, combined with my own inner, yet unknown, strength. It felt good. It felt right. But now the screams... I could hear them louder than ever. Is there no way to stop the screaming? Tohrmented father.. why do I tohrment you so?

With his spirit absorbed, my dearest brother, and mother, enter from the shadows. Mothers gaze is hardened upon me. My brothers gaze is fasened to my fathers corpse. Brother looks to me, and then back to the corpse, and with a snap of his fingers, fathers corpse turns into many corpses. The area is littered with chunks and bits. Mother, not knowing what to make of this, does the only thing she can do in a situation where there is no real hope. Mother screams, and with a twitch, brother snaps.

I stand up, with a shocked look upon my face, and glare at my brother. Both of us look deep into another eyes, covered in chunks of flesh and blood.

We laugh, a hearty laugh. Why are we laughing brother?



Before you judge my absent minded character, you must know three, very simple things about him.




Three.) He enjoys long walks on the beach, nude, carrying around a large polearm.

With those things in mind, you may begin to judge.
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Arthariax - The REAL untold story?
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