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 A defiant son.-Jaerald's recent memories-

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PostSubject: A defiant son.-Jaerald's recent memories-   Thu Sep 15, 2011 9:34 am

The two young men had crept up the rocky out cropping. The younger complaining quietly the whole way.
"You know father will tie you by your arms and legs to wild horses if we came out here for nothing but your ale-phantoms." the younger brother warned.
"Shush, everyone knows I ain't had a drop in a week. An if he did you'd be first in line after all the chest pains he gets on my account do him in." the older brother said with a wolfish grin and wink.
The brothers reached the top an took a peek over to scan the moonlit landscape below. Barrit the younger is first to spot the small series of camp fires with a groan.-Why couldn't he have just been drunk this time-, he couldn't help but think to himself as the endless list of wild goose chases his older brother had led him on all these years had suddenly born strange fruit. While Barrit grumbled at the discovery, Jaerald took no time in climbing back down to the idling pair of horses to ready his bow as he also made the location out an wait for his brother to climb down.
He knew his first responsibility was to see his little brother back to the safety of the walls and alert his father of the possible threat, but something didn't feel right this time even though he had spotted this group a few days further out. His younger brother didn't skip a beat an rode back home expecting Jaerald to be right behind him, an that he was for a couple dozen paces before wheeling around towards the mysterious group.

-Why? Why did they keep advancing? Had someone discovered his family's subtle move into the border kingdoms? Too many questions were coming at him an it made him as uncomfortable as a mitran priest in a brothel. A man of sizeable stature stepped out onto the road wearing nemedian colours, which would have sent him from his saddle if it weren't for his belt being caught upon it. Before he could finish pulling the nocked arrow to full draw, his world went spinning as one of the bastards had clubbed him from behind. He awoke with a splitting headache an the familiarity of his saddle beneath him. He slowly realized that he was being led away from the burning remains of their outpost, his horse not even putting up a fight.
"I can understand keeping me alive for a ransom an all, but can you atleast kill this bloody cowardly traitor of a horse?" The soldier leading him stabbed the horse in the neck with a boisterous laugh. Jaerald had hoped that the fall from the spasming beast would kill him an prevent any further shame...
The taste of sand in his mouth was momentary as he vomited a volume of water upon a strange beach...
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Posts : 5
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PostSubject: Re: A defiant son.-Jaerald's recent memories-   Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:24 pm

I'm a terrible writer but fear not, classes are ensuing on my days off heh.
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A defiant son.-Jaerald's recent memories-
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