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 Therroll - Application

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PostSubject: Therroll - Application   Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:27 am

Name - Therroll

Age - 35

Desribe yourself - Therroll's personality though ever changing tends to be more of an example of "Action speak louder then words." He prefers to be on the front lines protecting those he holds in high regards. He would sooner sling a blade then listen to the twisted tongue of an evil demon. "Sorry, no time to chat" He barely finishes saying as his sword promptly decapitates the demon.

A brief history - ((Please forgive me, I really haven't thought much on his history. Though the game starts you off with amnesia, I find it rather difficult for the vast populace of any major city to be comprised of people all recovering from amnesia. *shrug*))

" I was born to serve and that I shall; but servitude is not laying on the floor for you to trample." It doesn't take noble blood to drive the heart of a hero. Only the passion and determination to complete his or her goal. Therroll always held these beliefs true as they have been passed down from generation to generation and so he hopes one day to pass it on.

OOC information:

Name, age - Drake, 37ish

What class you enjoy playing - There aren't many to choose from with the free to play but I am however enjoying the Guardian. I

What do you enjoy most about RP? -

Funny you should ask.

I've RP'd since the early 90's; in the days of dial up bulletin boards and MUD/MUSH games. I've always enjoyed the creativity and the expression one is allowed to express in RP however I find it more interesting at times to just sit back and let others express themselves.

I was turned off to RP for many years. Some reason were personal and others were from online gaming. Things changed in this day and age and though I'm all for it, I'm not so much in certain ways. I adapt though. I always found it difficult however to keep up with RP if it's done in mass quantities such as RP events. Hence why I don't participate in a large way.

It's not that I'm trying to be rude, trust me it's not.

There's more to it then that but alas that's a story for another time. Perhaps even I'll tell it some day.
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PostSubject: Re: Therroll - Application   Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:35 am

Great to have you at our Tulsi Brew event. I'll be talking to you momentarily.
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Therroll - Application
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