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 Lüang – Flower of the East

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PostSubject: Lüang – Flower of the East   Sun Sep 11, 2011 4:23 pm

She looked down her naked body. She was quite perfect, the dream of any man. Small, almost fragile, yet curvaceous, her face beautiful and innocent, full deep black hair, her white skin flawless. Except for the eerie tatoo covering almost her whole body. It was called Touch of the Underworld. She would have to cover that, even if the barbarians wouldn't understand the meaning. She was literally touched by the underworld and of the chamber of hidden secrets. Westerners would call her a demonologist spy, if they survived finding out about her. She chose a long Khitan robe and rang a small gong. Unhearable a servant openend a door. »How can I be of service, beyond measure venerable Lüang?« »Help me put on this robe.« With this concealing clothing and a little demure behaviour many men would be even more curious about her. They were so easily influenced. But that was why she was chosen for this important mission. She would use her mind and her body to get the information she needed to protect Khitai.

Her staff had already prepared everything for the voyage and found a suitable ship. They would even send a servant with another ship. They were supposed to enter the western hemisphere over the Barachan Isles. No one there would be able to hinder a spy from crossing the borders. Lüang traveled to Tortage without incidents, now she only had to wait for this promised servant.

A Khitan man approched her and knelt at her feet. »Are you my new master the Lady Lüang?« That was a most disrespectful adress for a woman of her stature, especially from a slave. But Lüang had heard that the so called western civilizations mostly banned slavery, so she would need an unconspicuous servant. This insolent man would be suitable for the assignment. So she desisted from punishing him and answered with an expressionless smile: »Yes, I am. What is your name? I can't call you servant in public.« »I am Juntu. How may I be of service?« Lüang felt the presence of a demon in this Juntu. He would be a most suitable servant.

(Meet Lüang. My new little Khitan demonologist. Ingame it's Lueang, since AoC doesn't accept an Ü. I wanted to introduce her, before I join the roleplay. So starting from now you will be blessed with her arrogant presence. You have probably noticed by now that she is here to spy on governments that could be a danger for Khitai. She will be nice to everyone who can offer her information, but actually she loathes anyone not Khitan. Juntu aka Hasan/Tabbs was so kind to offer me his character as Lüangs slave. They both already have infiltrated Sealladh. Below is a picture of her.)

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PostSubject: Re: Lüang – Flower of the East   Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:22 pm

Oh this should be fun! Nice to see you branching out a bit. Wink
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Lüang – Flower of the East
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