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 Ultann's Application

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PostSubject: Ultann's Application    Wed Sep 07, 2011 6:25 am

(I actually posted this in the application stickied post, which was probably NOT where it needed to go. Please feel free to delete that post!)

Name - Ultann of Cimmeria (also Setkhafele)

Age - 24 (Setkhafele is 26)

Desribe yourself - Ultann is hardy and one who enjoys life to its fullest. He is a strong believer in self-reliance, and pokes (subtle) fun at those that rely too heavily on others...yet he is always on hand to help where needed. He strongly feels that life must be lived boldly, and tends to give his all in what he does, whether that is fighting, drinking, or...well, anything else..Wink

A brief history - Ultann speaks little of his past, because his own past doesn't matter (much) to him. He sees each day as a new lease on his life, a new chance to prove himself to Crom and the world.

What he doesn't talk about, but what exists in his past, is that he is the middle son of four boys. His father is a blacksmith by trade, and instilled in Ultann a love for the sword, and a love of strength. Ultann and his brothers were always wrestling, trying to outdo each other in feats of strength and stamina, and always practicing with weapons. His uncle was one of his clan's war leaders, and furthered Ultann's love of combat and desire to prove himself in battle. Ultann fought in a few skirmishes between clans in Cimmeria, and held up well. He fought by the side of his brothers and uncle fiercely, often pushing forward into the enemy's ranks before others were with him.

Upon reaching his early 20's, his father told Ultann that the clan could no longer contain him and his brothers, and that they would need to carve out their own path. In the words of his father, "You can do no more here. Now you need to spit in Crom's eye for him to notice you." Ultann set out for the wider world with this statement, seeking his own fortune and fame.....

OOC information:

Name, age - My name is Jim, and I'm 44. I am an avid MMO player and RPer, and LOVE a good story!

What class you enjoy playing - So far, I have only played Assassin and Barbarian, but enjoy all classes. My forte is playing tanks, but I also enjoy being a support character where needed.

What do you enjoy most about RP? - Ah, RP.....I love fully becoming my character, and adding to their history and experience. I enjoy continuing the saga, so to speak, and including the tales of those I meet and making their lives part of my own history. What's NOT to enjoy about RP? Smile
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Ultann's Application
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