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 Jaerald - Application

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PostSubject: Jaerald - Application   Mon Sep 05, 2011 3:40 am

Name - Jaerald

Age - 26

Description - I'd say I'm generally well mannered an jovial despite the treatment an conditions I've had to endure. Some say I can come off as self centered an cocky but I will deny it with a grin. I do go to some lengths for innocent folk as long as they mention the harrowing ordeal from which I rescued them from at the local tavern, an I would give my life for those close to me. My pride was scarred the day I became a captive but I keep that from those around me as best I can.

History - I am the last living son of Jarik the Brythunian nobleman who boldly (some say foolishly) tried to expand into the border kingdoms. Our small settlement was besieged by Nemedians, who decimated my family's cavalry retinue. During the battle I must of been knocked unconscious but remained saddled, it had to have taken the enemy an hour to kill my fleeing horse an take me prisoner. I learned of the betrayal my neighbour city-states enacted by not coming to my father's aid. I knew at that point ransom wasn't an option an I was to be eventually sold into slavery.

OOC information:

Name, age - Joshua is the name and I'm 26 years old. Been playing aoc on an off since the game was released and always find myself coming back to it. I'm a care provider for the mentally disabled an get every other week off from work so I do have a lot of flexibility.

What class you enjoy playing - I really enjoy playing rangers. Unlike the primarily ranged classes of most games I was always glad that the ranger wasn't entirely helpless toe to toe. I do unsling the bow from time to time but I stick to sword an board cause I have a fighter mentality with a stealthers habits.

What do you enjoy most about RP? - Roleplaying takes whatever you are an what you're doing outside the realm of what you can and cannot do. It takes the sometimes stifling reality of a games ridged system an truly let's it become something of your own. I've been playing fantasy games since I was a freshman an my buddy's dad introduce us to ad&d.

((Pardon any typos, my smart phone isn't all that smart))
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Jaerald - Application
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