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 Application- Corypheus

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PostSubject: Application- Corypheus   Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:46 pm

Name - Corypheus

Age - I am around 30ish, well my body anyways. My soul is Acheronian and far older.

Personality- I am not a kind soul, it is my firm belief that might makes right, I seek to further my own power, as well as those I fight alongside of. I am not rude or unpleasant to speak to or deal with, as poor manners and crudeness are the mannerisms of barbarians.

A brief history - My name is Corypheus, I was born in the Acheronian city of Python over three millenia ago at the height of our empire. I was a sorcerer priest of the great serpent, Lord Set. A decade ago Thoth Amon opened the void and brought my soul back into the world. I was given a new body, Stygian, a young Black Ring member who had failed in his duties, his soul was cast down, and I took his body. For these last ten years I have been a member of The Black Ring, and guard to Thoth Amon. I have seen much of Hyboria, and am eager to uncover secrets buried since the time of Acheron...

OOC information:

Name, age - My name is Matt, I'm 27, I live in Revere MA, 5 minutes from Boston, I work as a Police Officer. I have a French Mastiff puppy called Nero, he takes up a good portion of my free time when not working. So during weekdays I'm usually on 7pm EST till roughly midnight, and much more frequently on weekends! Smile

What class you enjoy playing - I enjoy playing Tempest Of Set, which is waht my main toon Corypheus is.

What do you enjoy most about RP? - The unlimited creativity that comes with it, it makes the game much more interesting, seeing storylines develop, and making your character into whatever you want it to be, and lets face it REH's works provide great lore! I hope to be cruising through Hyboria with you all very soon. Smile
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Application- Corypheus
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