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August 2018
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 I am lust and greed; without shame.

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PostSubject: I am lust and greed; without shame.    Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:11 pm

I will not bother you with too many details, I am a simple concept.

My name is Korthak and I am a Dark Templar. My tale is not one of sadness or inner conflict, do not pity me or the path I have chosen. I am defiance and pride, and I bathe in the essence of what I am.

I was born to a wealthy merchant. Common people would say I had everything a boy could wish for; wealth, friends, girls. But like my father, greed and lust ran through my veins. And this greed did not desire coin or even sex, I wanted something greater, something everlasting. I wanted the pleasures of blood and sacrifice.
I began my secret path in the dark arts at the age of fifteen, and have been traveling that path ever since. My family disowned me and I gladly left their name.
Yet, despite what some say, I do not consider myself as "evil". You should consider me no more evil than a lion or a wolf; I am a beast, and I do what is in my nature. Do not be mistaken, I am not without honor, I will defend my brothers and sisters until my blood soaks the soil. I will not back stab my companions at the glimmer of gold; worry none, if I deem you my enemy I will cut off your head as I look into your eyes.

With that said, it is an honor to be part of the Sealladh Alliance. I look forward to drawing blood on the battlefield with all of you.

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I am lust and greed; without shame.
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