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 Mohigan Blade

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PostSubject: Mohigan Blade   Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:59 pm

Mohigan Blade an aquilonian assassin and adventurer.

Mohigan was born and raised in Old Tarantia. There was really nothing fancy in his upbringing. His family was often busy and traveling to keep food on the table so Mohigan was raised by the city so to speak. He spent the majority of his life on the streets. He had no bitterness towards being poor but in observation he found that he did not have to act like them. He studied the nobility and found the character traits he believed were respectable. Few of the nobles possessed these attributes such as honesty, loyalty, chivalry, and the like. However, there were a few that acted in a gentlemanly noble way. He admired their discipline. When he was an older teenager early adult he was taken to sea. Taken because in truth it was a rogue vessel who sometimes crewed their ships by forcing individuals on. Mohigan though inwardly wished to go and so gave a pretense of resistance.

While at sea he was befriended by the Captains first mate who, while at sea, was a first mate but while on land was the Captains personal guard and hired assassin. This man was unique in many regards as he had several strict disciplines and values that one would never expect to find in a sailor. One being he never drank strong drinks. Mohigan was captivated at the discipline the man had mentally and physically. Mohigan was taken under his wing and trained in the ways of an assassin.

During this time of his life he met the First Mates daughter at one of their stops and it was love at first sight. Blade, the fist mate, strongly approved knowing that he could protect his daughter the better with this union and so encouraged them to marry. These were some of the happiest years of Mohigan's life. It was then they happened on a voyage near Tortage and all hell broke loose. They were attacked at sea. Mohigan's wife was taken and killed during the battle. Blade and Mohigan fought with all the skill they could muster but it was a losing battle. Blade saw that all was lost and knew that Mohigan would not retreat or leave his side. He loved him as a son and so acted in rage for the loss of his daugther and turned his attacks on Mohigan. Mohigan suprised and confused defended himself but to no avail he was thrown from the ship into the sea.

His life was a blur and he never really knew how long he was at sea but he found himself on the island of tortage. In honor of his mentor he took the name of Mohigan Blade and decided upon a simple life of a drifter. The few memories he held of his previous life brought both great happiness and sadness. He took upon himself several disciplines and ideals and now travels seeking to aid those in need and find ways he can build a better world for himself and others. He still more then naught wears the sailors garb he was accustomed to in his younger years and keeps a simple profile about himself. Having stumbled onto the Sealladh he quickly joined them after having read their chronicles and seeing their value of honor and in defending the weak. He eagerly anticipates what life has in store for him in this new family.


My name is Marc and I first got introduced to RP and mmos in 2000. I have played everquest 1 & 2, guildwars, world of warcraft, lord of the rings online, rift, and age of conan. I stopped age of conan christmas of 2010 as finances were getting tight. Free to play was a welcome thing as now I am able to get back in. I currently still play Lotro. I am looking forward to Star Wars: The Old Republic as it would be interesting to see RP in a more sci fi setting.

I love creative writing and if I had more time, patience, and grammatical skills I would craft more tales for the forums. As it is I love questing in character and interacting with other players. Age of Conan offers a beautifully crafted environment and a fun unique environment and so far I have been very fortunate to find some great players who have made it a good experience. I look forward to more fun on this game.

Personal hobbies are reading, writing, hiking, camping, and pretty much anything to do with computers and the outdoors. Yes I am a weird mix of nerd/outdoorsman.

I enjoyed mmos as I work out of home and have four kids as they provide entertainment and relaxing fun while still being able to be with the kids and wife that I love. Really cannot ask for a better life.

I have often written RP quests in the mmos I have mentioned at the top and as a recruiting officer in lotro have often made personalized quests for recruits being brought into full membership. I hope to, as I get to know the guild and game better, be able to create some fun RP adventures.

If anyone sees Mohigan, Beorjn, or Shadrix on and wants some company or help just holler. I am laid back easy going.
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Mohigan Blade
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