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 Eebonya of the Black Kingdoms

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PostSubject: Eebonya of the Black Kingdoms   Tue Jul 26, 2011 10:06 pm

Race: Kushite
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Khemi, Stygia
Residence: Potain
Occupation: Doing odd jobs for her Mistress, Phylia
Affiliations: Phylia, Ahntynazya
Religion: Derketo, Hanuman
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Build: athletic and sturdy
Skin-tone: dark
Identifying Markings: currently Kithan body markings, covering her slave marks from the past.

Eebonya has been born into slavery, simply not knowing anything else for the most part of her life. To this day, she still treats everybody around her with a great deal of respect, lowering her gaze and expressing similar behavior towards friends and strangers alike. Having a slight accent, she only knew a handful of Stygian words until she was in her teen years - she clearly prefers to listen over talking herself. Her current mistress treats her more like a friend than a slave, but Eebonya knows that she would be completely lost if she was ever given her freedom for real.

Eebonya was taught to dance and pleasure, the first showing clearly while she moves, graceful and nimble. Her skin marks her as someone from the Black Kingdoms, although she has never been there. She usually wears daggers and prefers to dress lightly, having no problem to bare herself in front of others, courtesy of her tribal heritage.

Eebonya's parents were members of a nomadic tribe out of Kush worshipping an ape god known as Hanuman. While her mother was with child, their tribe was ambushed by a Stygian raiding party and everybody was either killed or enslaved, her father not surviving the encounter. A common occurrence, Eebonya was born in Stygia while her mother was a slave in the household of Atkh'Coranth, a rich noble who had bought the woman on the market. Her mother never forgot where they came from, teaching her daughter the native tongue of the tribe and passing on as much of their culture as she could. When Eebonya was six summers old, she was separated from her mother and put to work in other parts of her master's estate, doing cleaning work and similar tasks. Once she became a little older, her master used her to run errands within the whole city of Khemi, learning its twists and turns. In her teen years she received training in various dances and ways of pleasure by Shyniania, her master's pleasure slave. The good times eventually changed for her master, he had crossed a priest and had to sell her when she counted eighteen summers.
Life changed for her, as her new home turned out to be a pirate ship. She had to work hard to keep it's crew happy, cooking without much help during the day and spending nights being used for the captain's pleasure, sometimes sailing the open sea for weeks without seeing land. The gods eventually smiled on her again and the pirate captain lost her to an Aquilonian mercenary in a game of die. Times are better than ever for her right now, being often sent out on errands by herself, but still having somebody who tells her what to do. She sometimes thinks about her mother, but has no knowledge of what became of her.
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Eebonya of the Black Kingdoms
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