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 Typhanee - An Introduction of Sorts

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PostSubject: Typhanee - An Introduction of Sorts   Mon Jul 25, 2011 4:04 pm

((This is my first attempt at crafting a true RP character in AoC - I like to try and fit my character into the overall storyline, but I do need advice. Tell me if this isn't possible. This is my idea, but I am well open to revision and re-writing. That's why I like AoC's storyline - I can rewrite her backstory as often as I want. SHE HAS NO MEMORY! HAHA!))

The clash of steel reached her ears, the smell of blood, sweat, and death her nose, and the taste of victory ran through her veins as she charged up the hill. She only had eyes for her enemy, not giving the warriors at her left or right a second glance. She merely charged, thirsty for her enemy's blood. She reached the top of the hill, and snarled bitterly as a massive arm came down and slew her opponent. The warrior to her left had robbed her of the victory she longed for, and she rounded on him. Yet no one was there. She looked to her right, and was shocked. She was alone. Not only had she been robbed, she'd been abandoned by her comrades as well. She looked down at the dying witch at her feet.

As the witch lay dying, she spat a curse, her lips stained with her own blood as she hurled her last breath of power into her spell, and great pain filled the barbarian.

"But I did not kill you, witch!" she tried to say, though her voice came out all wrong. Too deep for her, it sounded like it belonged to someone else.

Suddenly her vision was ripped from her body and turned back, as though looking at a mirror, or watching something happen to someone else. She was shocked beyond her imagination to find the body she'd been ripped from was that of a man - a Cimmerian barbarian, blades wet with blood as he fell to one knee in pain. The body started to change, limbs shrinking, chest shifting and growing, his hair lengthening and his face softening. The pain she felt grew more and more intense as the barbarian began to scream, his voice rising in octave as he began to shrink.


Typhanee woke with a start, immediately sitting straight up and reaching for her weapons. She was breathing heavily, her face flushed, and she looked around the small room she was in. Slowly she returned to herself, and realized she lie in bed, and there were heavy curtains all around her. Her armor lie on the floor, discarded, as though removed in a rush. A figure stirred in the bed beside her, then lay still.

Quickly she moved from the bed, gathering up her armor as silently as she could, glad that the Khitans preffered more padding to their armor. It made sneaking out much easier. She slowly worked her way through the building until she stood at the front door, fully dressed, hands resting easily on the twin hilts of her swords. A cold wind blew from the direction of the wall, stretching out the flags and whipping them in the wind.

"Old Nadini said I was twice cursed." She mused to herself. "Rhiderch mentioned it too. After that....that nightmare...perhaps she was right. Maybe I don't want to know my past if it contains that horror."

She shrugged then, before moving down the stairs. The sun was just starting to crest the mountains. She turned south. There were monstrous men that the soldiers of Khitai seemed to scared to fight. That would do nicely take her mind off of her nightmares.

((Well, here's her story. Be gentle, but be honest. If it doesn't work within the context of AoC, lemme know. Smile To clarify, yes, she's been cursed into a woman's body by a witch. I haven't yet thought too much about the events that lead up to that point, but I think he would've been a very bad, bad man to get that. The character is an AoC homage to a web comic I enjoy reading. ))
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PostSubject: Re: Typhanee - An Introduction of Sorts   Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:51 pm

Thanks for the read, I enjoyed it - and being able to alter it as per her memory loss is cool Smile
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Typhanee - An Introduction of Sorts
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