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 Brancath - Application

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PostSubject: Brancath - Application   Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:01 pm

IC information:

Name - I am Brancath the Raven's claw, son of Cimmeria.

Age - Such things matter little, but I am considered young among men.

Describe yourself - Tall, bronzed, raven-haired with eyes of granite and a half-tattoo, half-birthmark of a raven upon my face. My hands bear the scars of birth defects and attempts at self-correction, as well as the scars of battle that typify the hands of a Cimmerian. Unlike many of my brood, I have an observant nature and while I am a warrior and rogue, I have the studious and reflective demeanor of those in the priestly castes.

A brief history - I was born 'weak' in the eyes of my people, born frail with mis-shapen hands and a mark of color upon my face. In the way of my people and the judgement of the Chieftain, I was left in the wood to meet my death at the whim of nature. Days later the tribal priest spotted a raven at his altar carrying a protective necklace in it's beak. The raven flew off a bit, perched, and called for the priest. As the priest approached the raven flew a bit further off and repeated his calls. In this manner the priest was led to where I lay, surrounded by ravens. The raven lit upon my chest and dropped the beads, and when this was done the flock took off to the skies. It appeared to the priest that I had been fed by the ravens - at least enough to stave off death. The priest decided that this was sign enough to return me to my people. They assumed, incorrectly, that this portent told of my suitability for priestly studies but it was not so.

I grew older under their care and I learned from them as they watched me grow stronger and smarter - but when I was mocked for mis-speaking during a reading of sacred texts I responded not with a lowered head but an elbow slung into the teeth of my teacher, it was then that they suspected that I was better suited for the martial field. They were correct. Despite the pain and difficulties that were present because of my hands, I persevered and learned to adapt, even attempting myself to 'correct' my fingers with a cook's dagger. The scars of these attempts have left my hands more flexible, but they remain twisted and clawlike in appearance.

Ach but I begin to drone on like a drunken priest - I am Brancath the Raven's Claw, son of Cimmeria. Strong of arm, keen of mind and blade. My word is my bond and this is what matters.

OOC information:

Name, age - Chris, 45

What class you enjoy playing - New to the game and trying the FTP option before deciding if I will sub, but of the available classes I enjoy the Barbarian.

What do you enjoy most about RP? - I'm new to RP, but have always made up a story or a personality for the various characters I've played through the years. I usually end up playing on RP servers because the RP community is generally a nicer bunch to be around. I thought I would finally give it a try myself.
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Brancath - Application
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