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 Application - Hadin

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PostSubject: Application - Hadin   Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:34 am

IC Information

Name - Hadin / level 25 / Aquillonian

Age - 31

Describe Yourself - Gentleman, is probably the best way to describe him. Always with the please, excuse me, thank you. Although a gentleman, he has been known for having a ferocious side, albeit, very very rarely does this side emerge. The only time this side of him ever emerges is usually while jealously defending something (or someone) that he believes is his and might be taken away from him.

A brief History - He thought that being an Aquilonian Guard would suit his tastes but, in the end, guarding a big gate where nothing happens wasn't giving him the excitment he desired and sought. So after years of duty he finally had enough and left the military. After a few years of moving around, taking jobs as a guard for caravans and ships, he began to feel a little lost and lonely. So now he seeks new people to befriend and have adventures with in the hopes of making up for the years of doing nothing next to a big gate.

OOC Information

Name - Neil

Age - 31 (yes i know my characters age is the same as mine, but its true........I am that original)

What class you enjoy playing - I prefer to play melee class characters for the simple reason, i suck at being a caster. In all the other games i have played, online and offline, i just suck at being a caster, although i do give them a try. So for now in AoC, i have a Guardian (application character) and a barbarian. Or maybe its because im from Scotland and i just like to hit things *shrugs*

What do you enjoy most about RP - I have RP'd in games for years for the simple reason, real life for most of us is boring and RPing is a good way to cure that. I am no secret agent or fighter pilot so my life is pretty dull and i find RPing a good way to meet new people and really bring a smile to , what would normally be, a boring day. I like meeting new people through RP for the simple reason is that it is people that you would never normally meet. I have friends that i have had for years now that i met through RP. I love that. When we all RP, believe it or not, we all have a similar interest wether we like the person or not, and that is...... RP.

A Little Extra - I spoke with Shemeitt earlier, who was very nice and was good enough to answer a few questions for me, who i asked for a couple of names of the people who can invite people into the guild for the following reason. Because i live in Scotland and it is a US based guild and the time difference being what it is, if i see one of the people whos names i was given, i will ask about it if i see them online. Please dont take this as me trying to be pushy about the application but, again, the time difference being what it is, i may just be logging on as you are logging off and would hate it if we never got a chance to speak about this application because we kept missing each other. If you are on at a similar time as i am i will either be on the character above or on my barbarian who's name is Thuram.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope to speak with you soon.
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Application - Hadin
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