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 application - Thalsia

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PostSubject: application - Thalsia   Sat Jul 23, 2011 3:19 am

Name: Thalsia (I've just started playing and this is my only character. I'm not a premium member and I know I'm limited at how much of the game I can participate in, probably one of the reasons I'm interested in a Roleplaying guild.)

Age: 20

Describe yourself: Aquilonian by birth but hardly acts it. She's picked up a lot of traits both at a young age and during her travels and can speak a multiple of languages, some fluently, some, enough to get herself around. Try's to get along with everyone and this more often then not gets her into trouble.

A brief history: Both her parents were killed when she was still very young and she was sent to an orphanage. While there, she inherited an extended family and made friends quickly. The children came from every corner of the world and this is where her education really started. She picked up a few languages and customs and at the age of 15 decided to strike out on her own and left the orphanage. She traveled to lands she grew up hearing about through her friends and on the way was chosen by the god Mitra to do his bidding.

OOC information

Name: Jamie

Age: 26

What class do you enjoy playing: I like to dabble in every class to be honest. Like I mentioned above, I'm not a paying subscriber, so I was limited to what class I could be and finally decided on Priest because I typically play a spell caster of some sort, be it a Priest or Mage and my only choice in a Mage was a Demonologist and I didn't like the sound of that.

What do you enjoy most about RP? I read through the applications before I posted to get an idea what you were looking for in here and someone said something about immersing yourself into the game. I'm an avid reader and spend half my time in some sort of alternate reality. I've always liked the idea of role playing and would like to get better at it, there's always room for improvement.
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application - Thalsia
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