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 The Wanderer: An Introduction.

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PostSubject: The Wanderer: An Introduction.   Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:04 pm

"...For those who close their hearts and minds from others, will forever be forsaken from the beauty and diversity of life."

The words echoed in his mind restlessly...and at that moment, he knew what had to be done.

Morning. It had to be. The chirping was familiar. Soothing. Safe. Birds had known him longer than any living creature, and even the deer refused to run away when they saw him. Up in the mountains of Conall's Valley, no one had met the man in over three years. Smoke. That was the only thing that betrayed his secrecy. It escaped his cave, like a a prisoner without shackles. The soft summer breeze carried it up and away, where he hoped no one would see it. The fire was just about done, as was his incense, and with a gentle groan the man stood to make his way outside.

The sunlight was always welcome. He preferred to hunt during the day, though night had proven to be the smarter choice. The Vanir seemed to have doubled their scouting parties as of late; The man was confident in his ability to eradicate a party of men, but not a small army.

Thromdir was an imposing sight. A man of the wilds, in every way: muscled to the core, with long, untamed hair. He smelled of herbs, and bore a large claw mark on his chest - surely a story he'd tell, if given the chance. Strong arms, clearly trained in heavy weaponry, adorned in scars and cuts every which way. He dressed in a simple manner, using only resources that the Valley gifted him. The dark band painted across his eyes hid his wary look well, otherwise it would have been clear he was not sleeping as good as he wanted. His expression remained serene either way.

Picking up his large polearm, he looked back to his cave. His haven. That which had kept him hidden and safe for years... and smiled. Thanking and praising Crom quietly, he swung his large weapon over his shoulder, and made his way down the winding paths that would surely take him to civilizations once more. He knew better than to fill his mind with expectations... but it would have been a lie to say he was not thinking heavily about the consequences of leaving his haven and rejoining civilization once more.

(( A very brief intro to the character. Enjoy! ))

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The Wanderer: An Introduction.
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