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 To Know That your Alive.

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PostSubject: To Know That your Alive.   Thu Jun 23, 2011 12:42 pm

She pushed her tiger as fast as she would sprint. Hill after hill coming to meet them and passing behind them as they rode. The cliff almost met them too. If it wasn't for the fact that the rider knew it was approaching, fast.

Dismounting and dropping her weapon to the ground Shemeitt allowed her tiger; her newest friend and companion in the land of Khitai, to roam nearby - feeding off what it could catch and resting. Sitting, her legs dangle over the edge - What would it take to just plummet down? To feel the rush of the air before you hit... Shaking her head Shem reaches up and undoes her hair, allowing it to fall freely about her neck, shoulders and back. The breeze was nice. Calming. Peaceful. Even though the landscape was beautiful the region was full of chaos. Factions fighting against each other, plotting, killing each other over this 'godking' amongst other things. These people, daily, fought and killed. Loved and hated. For what? Why exactly? She didn't care fully. She got paid, sometimes well - to kill targets for each faction. Hell, they even awarded her a new companion for working hard with the Tamarin Tigers - she certainly couldn't complain there. But the rest? She could take it or leave it.

Rising slowly she steps out of her sandals, her toes spreading out and digging into the dirt slightly. Her skirt falls into a pile at her feet, then her vest behind her along with matching gloves and bracers. Standing there, as naked as the day she was born Shem takes a step forward...

That rush of air felt nice.

But that water felt even better.
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To Know That your Alive.
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