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 Defiant ((a story of Gaurr))

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PostSubject: Defiant ((a story of Gaurr))   Tue Jun 21, 2011 2:24 am

Abundant slaughter engulfs the fields. Passion fuels some. Others are filled with duty to an unknown god-king. The lands of the world must be clad in the iron that is his will. Each new land brings forth the border of another land. The conquering will not end… not until the death of this man proclaiming to be a god. They have deified a demon-man. The blood spilt forth will stain the eons of time.
~ ~ ~ ~
A raven circles upon high. A glitter catches her eye. Soaring down, the sheen of metal mesmerizes the bird. The stench of fresh death glides upon the wind. She sees a dark man bare to the sky wielding a great mace that flashes under the sun. Muscles and sinew ripple across his being as he fells an iron-clad combatant. Ooze creeps down the brow of the fallen man, skull hewn by the blunt-faced mace. One of his eyes lazily drifts back and forth hanging gingerly by a thread of flesh. The forceful blow of the next attack shatters the exposed knee of a soldier. The curdling cry of pain is abruptly stifled as the heavy blunt weapon travels through his jaw until it spins the helmet off his collapsing head. Another sky-clad warrior calls to the mace-wielder, warning him of impending danger. The dark man reels around to face a group of soldiers. In a tight formation, they advance upon the prey with small spears jutting forth from the wall of shields. He crouches as he spins; winding his arms above his head the large two-handed mace is released mightily. The weapon whirls horizontally, and in a blink of an eye it smashes into the shield-wall. The frontline falls, the sounds of cracking bones fill the air. At that moment the soldiers in the rear hurl their missiles at the dark man as he springs right at them. Spearheads graze his exposed flesh as he soars. Upon his landing, he crushes a man with his momentum and bulk. He snatches up the broken man’s sword as the soldiers draw theirs. In a blur of motion he drops the closest one. The next moment his fate is at hand as they swarm upon him. The dark man bellows deep and loud as he slays. Many a wound do they inflict, but to no avail. Each and every one of them is mortally wounded or now dead. The warrior picks up his mace and crashes through the helmet of a soldier that is trying desperately to put his entrails back from whence they came. The broken frontline is next in order. They put up little resistance in all their pain. The dark man bellows again as he runs deeper into the fray covered in the gore of victory.

The army is all but destroyed as the warriors advance upon the retreating leaders. They are all dead men. The general and his troop will either be killed by the warriors or the man-god for their failure. The end of the trail that they follow abruptly ends in a large bog. They are soon surrounded. A warrior unleashes a swift volley of arrows from her wicked bow. She slays all except for the general. His head shall be the prize for the chieftain to unloose. A long-bearded, wiry man he is. The general drops to his knees at the man’s feet, pleading for mercy or babbling such. The chieftain grabs the man by his eye-sockets and raises his axe to the sky… proclaiming freedom. The axe deftly cuts through the man’s meaty neck, and cheers erupt forth. Not one soldier remains alive.
~ ~ ~ ~
Sun rises over the wooden-walled village. Gaurr stretches his massive arms with a yawn. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes he swings his tree-thick legs off the bed. A joyous sound warms his ears… a soft purring to his side. Sionan sleeps on, in all her rapture. She dreams of the hunt of an earlier day. She sees the hart drinking from the spring’s well. Sionan stealthily stalks through the foliage with the patience that only a true hunter can know. As she draws closer, the hart begins to feed upon the succulent grasses that grow so softly. Crouching atop a short overhang she waits for the precise moment that the hart is in the right position. The fleeting opportunity for the kill is at hand. She leaps in a burst of energy. Silently she soars through the air until she lands upon the hart. Her natural weapons dig into the creature’s shoulders spinning it to the ground. With a swift motion she grabs the hart by the throat in her massive jaws and crushes it. She takes the fallen deer away from the water, and climbs up a tree to have at her deftly begotten meal. With a rude awakening from Gaurr dropping a pan, she elongates her body in a languishing manner until the tip of her tail twitches with pleasure of the motion. The dark man walks over to her and rubs her along the sides of her face. Ending the affection under the chin of the great beast he pats her gently upon the head. A new day has begun.

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PostSubject: Re: Defiant ((a story of Gaurr))   Tue Jun 21, 2011 5:11 pm

Glad you finally posted a story/background! Thanks for the read and it's awesome to have you with us, of course Smile
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Defiant ((a story of Gaurr))
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