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 Intro to Jelenan-class demo

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PostSubject: Intro to Jelenan-class demo   Wed Aug 26, 2009 8:54 am

lol! just cuz thats a bad ass smiley to put on there, anyway.

Late one night in an alleyway of old tarantia a dirty wench walked the streets with a child following her at her side. Both seemed very tired and looked as if they had been walking for a wile. The child wanted to stop walking she was sleepy. The two of them sat down in the street for a short rest. Across the alley from them was a man in a hooded cloak and a fairly large dagger in hand. He approched the wench and the child and told them he wanted all off their stuff clothes shoes everything and if they gave it to him he would let them live. Well the wench and the child didnt infact they refused to do so it was really all they had i mean im sure you would have done the same. But it was pointless the man laughed as he cut the wench down, then looked at the child. Filled with fear and confusion the child ran as fast as her little young legs could carry her, the man was hot on her tail after making sure the wench was dead. He chased the child contempt on killing her she was the only witness really. But the kid knew the streets well she and her mom (aka the wench just in case u cant guess lol) walked almost everyday, but she was tired from walking and her legs finnally just couldnt do it anymore so she stopped and looked behind her not seeing the man, yet anyway. About 15 secs after she stopped the man found her. Raising the dagger in his hand getting ready for that strike that would end it all for the young one, the little girl saw the blood from her mom still dripping from the dagger. He looked her right in the eyes and simply said "I'm gonna enjoy myself with you first and your gonna wish all i did was kill you." as he said that his other hand moved toward his belt undoing it. The girl was full of fear she was soo scared she couldn't scream she just sat down in a ball staring at the man that was going to rape and kill her. The man grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground. "Don't struggle you will only make it worse for yourself." he whispered to her as he prepared to cut the clothes off her with the dagger. The girl watched in terror everything seemed to bee in slow motion to her. She felt a sharp point on her where the dagger touched and then she could hear the sound of cloth being cut, but in the distance she heard the sound of feet. Hope sprang to her that mabey her mom wasn't killed mabey she will be saved by her mother. She hoped this with all of her heart she didnt understand why the man wanted to take her clothes off but she knew it wasn't good. The sound stoped and she heard the voice of a strange woman say "Leave the young one alone."
The man laughed and turned around dagger drawn, "And who is going to make me wench? You?! Don't make me Laugh." The man put back on his belt eyeing the new target. Meanwile the little girl sat up and just watched hoping that she was saved. Then the young girl saw somthing that scared and yet amazed her all at the same time it was unlike anything she had ever seen. The woman's hands started spewing fire at the man burning him alive. The little girl heard them man screaming it was like nothing she had ever heard before to this day she still hears that scream. The man's body fell as ash to the stone ground. Then the woman walked up the the young girl and said "Take my hand ill protect you and teach you how to protect yourself and others." The little girl took her hand and said "My name is Jelenan im 10 winters old, whats your name?" The woman replied "My name is Senna."

That was 10 winters ago, now Senna Jelenan's mentor is dead. She died Trying to save another young girl such as Jelenan but this time she was over powered by a set of picts. Jelenan found senna's bodie and burned it and threw it into the wind but kept a vial of it so she would never forget how lucky she was. over the 10 years that passed Jelenan became a master demonologist just like Senna. Jelenan was always told she was a quick learner and it filled her with pride and hope that she will one day surpass her teacher. Jelenan had another quest that she was on though, a personal quest. She was looking for a powerful necromancer to help her bring back her real mother's soul to the land of the living so she could place it into a succubus and be with her mom once more, but magic is a rare thing in these lands and a good magic user is even harder to find. Holding the vial and rembering that night 10 years ago Jelenan said to herself "I won't give up no matter what im told, i will bring her back....i will damnit!"
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PostSubject: Re: Intro to Jelenan-class demo   Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:02 pm

I don't know why you were so ashamed about your story last night in guild chat. It's very good, even if it is a little "Bruce Wayne-ish" Laughing

Really, I enjoyed it. And I'm glad to have you with us.
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Intro to Jelenan-class demo
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