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 Nancy, Chuckles and the magical mystery tour

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Nancy the fancy

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PostSubject: Nancy, Chuckles and the magical mystery tour    Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:38 am

Nancy had left the Sailor's Den after a night of dancing, drinking and socializing with her friends. (except for Hasan..He is a mean meanie.) She was all aglow and happy to be heading home when she heard some sobbing in near some crates by the docks edge. Against her better judgment and with the fine Tulsi wine flowing through her veins she decided to investigate the sad sounds.
Rounding the crates she came across a small, thin man dressed like a jester jocolor sobbing. The jester had a bottle of wine and was sobbing. Nancy felt pitty for the poor little man and asked him why he was so sad. The jester looked at her and sobbed that his life was over. He had been released from the service of Lord Antomedies. His Lord had not appreciated his humor and tossed him from his house with a stern warning never to return. The jester sobbed that his only goal in life was to make people laugh and find joy. Since he failed he was just going to drink himself into oblivion with this cheap wine.
Nancy asked the jester his name but he refused to divulge that information. She asked him to tell her a joke or two. At first the little man refused saying that people had heard his jokes and did not appreciate his humor. Nancy said that she was a foreigner and Stygians had not heard his jokes. The little man agreed and started to tell a few. Nancy giggled a bit and soon the jester had her laughing till she hurt. Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was because she was in a good mood already or maybe the jester was genuinely funny but soon the little man and her became fast friends. She again asked him his name and the jester replied that his name was Chuckles. Nancy took an instant liking to Chuckles and invited him back to the inn for a drink of real wine. The jester agreed and back to the Sailor's Inn they went.
Inside the Inn Nancy ordered some famous Tulsi Wine and offered it to Chuckles. The little man tried it and loved it. Nancy had to slow him down otherwise he would have drunk himself into a real stupor. While chatting Chuckles felt he still yearned to once again try to find a lord and make people laugh. Nancy pointed out that his humor may appeal to different people and therefore he should visit many lands. Aquillonia is just a fraction of the world. Many exotic locals such as Stygia, Cimmeria and Khitai also exist. Chuckles readily agreed and they started form plans. Nancy knew the owner of the inn Lepeda. Lepeda may have in interest in financing their travels if she could make a profit. The profit would come from selling the guild's special Tulsi wine to other inns across the land. In order to convince the inn owner to try the wine. Nancy and Chuckles would put on a free show for the inn owner. It would contain many things such as jokes, dancing, exotic animals and magic. Singing, frivolity and fun. The jester hugged Nancy close and thanked her for helping him see the wine cup as half full. Together they would have a grand time exploring new lands and meeting new people. It would be Chuckles thought "A Magical Mystery Tour." But it will require much more work than two people could possibly manage. Nancy winked at the jester and said she may know some people who could help them out.
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Nancy the fancy

Posts : 36
Join date : 2010-02-12

PostSubject: Meaning of the Magical Mystery Tour   Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:47 am

The Magical Mystery tour is a troupe of Selladh guild members interested in acting, dancing, joke telling, story-tellling and much much more. It is a group of troubadours, entrepreneurs, hangers on and vagabonds that travel from land to land looking for fun, adventure and stories to tell. (Plus lots and lots of wine. jocolor ) It is a chance to RP visiting different taverns in different lands instead of just hanging around Sailor's den all the time. Opportunities include:

Stand Up Comedy - Join Chuckles in making people laugh.

Plays - Serious, farcical, bawdy or educational.


Exotic Animal Displays - dogs, owls, jackals, cobras & crocodiles oh my!

Brewing opportunities - Chance to export the locally famous Tulsi Wine to nearby lands.

Singing, poetry or instrumental play.

Seedy aspects - Con artists, thieves, prostitutes and others follow the company in hopes of finding easy marks to take advantage of and then skip town with the Tour before the authorities can catch them.

Much much more... The RP opportunities are only limited by your imagination! jocolor
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Nancy, Chuckles and the magical mystery tour
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