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 Meeting of the minds

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Nancy the fancy

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PostSubject: Meeting of the minds   Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:17 pm

King Conan, over the objections of his advisers, is creating a center of learning and debate in Old Tarantia. His purpose is to bring scholars, travelers and merchants from all over Hyboria to Old Tarantia to debate philosophy, religion and matters of the day. This will fund his great library called Palanthus which will store all the knowledge of Aquilonia and beyond so that the flame of knowledge will burn brightly through the future. The invitation will be sent out to all peoples. Aquillonians, Cimmerians, Khitians, Stygians, even Nemedians if they follow the rules are invited. The rules are quite simple.

1. Palanthus is neutral ground. No weapon may be lifted in anger or spell cast in hostility. Failure to abide by these rules may lead to banishment & confiscation of goods or death.
2. All weapons must be peace-bound. Peace binding is when a length of cord or silk is tied in a knot around the weapon so that it cannot be drawn and used without untying the weapon. Ammunition such as arrows or bolts may not be carried into Palanthas.
3. No goading of fellow scholars with the intent of disrupting debate at Palanthas will be tolerated. Dissent and debate are acceptable/ Purposefully trying to sabotage an event is not and will cause ejection and fine to the offender(s).
4. If by chance conflict occurs outside of Palanthas then the keepers of lore are not responsible. Violence is part of everyday life. Only the neutral grounds of the library and their immediate environs offer sanctuary.
5. The term scholar is loosely defined for our purposes here and does not mean academic knowledge. As long as anyone has relevant information on a topic he or she is welcome to participate in the discussion. Anyone who does not have information pertaining to a topic and trying to subvert a topic will be dealt with as if a violation to rule # 3 had occurred.

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Nancy the fancy

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PostSubject: Topics of Discussion   Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:33 pm

Astrology - The study of the stars and what their alignment means to the fate of the world.

Biology - Categorizing information on animals, plants and the natural elements of the world.

Demonology - The study of naming and categorizing of the demons from the beyond. Discussion on summoning and protecting one's self from their diabolical

History - Any time period or event. The flooding of Atlantis, the fall of Acheron, the rise of King Conan and others.

Necromancy vs The Spirit World - Both Necromancers and shamans commune with spirits. Do they have methods or practices in common? Is the spirit world similar for the two or different?

The Art of Warfare - Combat styles and techniques. How is Hox fighting different from Barbarian Berserker or Conqueror Brute even though they all wield massive two-handed weapons. How did the varied martial techniques develop? Is one superior to the other?

The Artisans Touch - Discussions on various crafting recipes such as jewelry, clothing, weapons armor and alchemical recipes. New breakthroughs or in-sights.

Philosophy - Debates between schools of thought for Stoicism, Cynicism, Hedonism, Ecelectism, Sophism, Neoplatonism and many more.

Religious - Not limited to Set, Mitra, Crom or nature spirits but can encompass many more such as Ymir, Ishtar, Derketto, Dagon, Xotli and many more.
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PostSubject: Re: Meeting of the minds   Sat Apr 16, 2011 5:39 pm

((This is a great idea! Awesome job Nance. Let's work on a date and time))
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PostSubject: Re: Meeting of the minds   

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Meeting of the minds
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