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 Tokimi's Application

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PostSubject: Tokimi's Application   Sun Mar 27, 2011 7:11 am

Name: Tokimi
Age : 58

Tokimi is greatly devoted to her gods, the Water Dragons of Lemuria. Their mission, and hers is to heal the world. She bears the mark of them in return for their power and blessings. She is eager to help those that Wish that have the same aims as her and her gods. As the mother of 5 grown children, she is incredibly patient. Recent events have not dampened her dry sense of humor, nor her innate curiosity about the world. She is painfully polite and proper because that's what a grown woman should be. She and her husband planed on entering semi-retirement from the temple and indulging in "research vacationing." She outside of the many small wars she fought in, she has led a relatively comfortable life. She will answer the call-to-arms, but will grumble as she sets down her book and glass of wine.

Brief History:
Tokimi was born of a Khitain father father and a Stygian mother. Her father was a priest and scholar in the temple of the Lemurian Water Dragons. Her mother (she learned much later) was purchased by him to "tidy things up". Her home is a temple, built on Lemurains ruins on the island between Khitai and Lemuria. Some would say the the constant thunderstorms are caused by the warm northern current meeting the fridgid winds from the northern plains, but those who live there know it is the influence of the dragons.
Her father studied deeply what he could find of the ancient Lemurian cults. One of his students became her husband. Soon, the stormy nights conspired to make the quarters above the library joyfully cramped and noisy. As years passed, She was called many times to fight against the Soul-eater's army in the North. She was content knowing that her husband was watching their children -- and his tablets and scrolls. Based on comments made by his mother-in-law and others he was intrigued how the manifestations of Set and the Water Dragons seemed so similar.
When the wars were over and the children grown and gone, Tokimi spoke the words she wishes she could take back:
"Instead of sitting here reading about it, Why not go to Stygia and see for ourselves? My Mother always said it never gets cold there!"
She awoke on the beach with the Mark of Acheron on her body and Marks of the Water Dragons missing from her face. She has shaven her head and marked her face with a black hand covering her mouth. She cannot speak thier lost words of power until she can locate one of the cults secret temples and regain the trust of the her Lemurian gods.
She has learned who has marked her, and easy days in the sun with her books have been replaced with a desire to punish those that have stolen her life, her husband, and even the memory of his name. She has re-dedicated her self to her gods' goal of healing the world, allying herself to those that follow the same path. She makes her home in Poitan, gaining her strength among new (and strange) friends. Her husband will be found, his name will be remembered and Thoth-Ammon will pay!
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Tokimi's Application
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