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 Piankhisesh Miskhehawriseh's (PixyMisa) Application

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PostSubject: Piankhisesh Miskhehawriseh's (PixyMisa) Application   Thu Mar 24, 2011 6:51 pm

Name: PixyMisa (Piankhisesh Miskhehawriseh)
Age: 32

"I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people, I require the same from them. And if I find others pushing around the weak, they'd better fill thier hands with steel!"
A brief history will give some background to her character--
Pixymisa was a simple rural priest. She used the power of Set to protect the crops from vermin and the people from bandits and wild animals. Her family, her home, her village -- her life was destroyed by Toth-Ammon's armies. She fears Thoth-amon and is hiding from his reaches in Poitan. She reveres Set, and sees Thoth-amon as a cancerous growth. She wishes to hide from from him until she is strong enough to right this wrong. And she has been VERY wronged.
She is a bit naive about matters and customs outside of her small town. Tasked with protecting her village from vermin and predators (and sometimes bandits), she is selfless and helpful. Often she would ride days to hunt down a rogue lion, living on nothing but black tea and hard spirits. When there is work, she works, but when there is a harvest dance and barley beer . . .

Name: Irwin
Age? The only John Wayne movie I saw in the theaters was "the Shootist".
Enjoy the "kill'em all before you die" of the Barbarian and the Demo. (Snakeskinner) and as a change of pace, My ToS, Tokimi. She's fun to RP--and as I have found, everyone needs a healer!

Why RP? I grew up reading Conan books. I like "seeing" the places and people I vaugely remember. RP'ing means this game is more imersive, choices limited. It becomes more than a collection of stats and gear. It becomes a story, and one shared by others.
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Piankhisesh Miskhehawriseh's (PixyMisa) Application
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