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 NancyFang - Paying the price for youthful pride.

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Nancy the fancy

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PostSubject: NancyFang - Paying the price for youthful pride.   Tue Mar 08, 2011 5:43 am

I am writing this down not as a lesson or moral, just simply the truth as I remember them. I never could have guessed that I would be turning against the ruling caste of priests in my homeland of Stygia or helping a barbarian such as Conan of Cimmeria. But my background should have kept me open to such possibilities.
I grew up a child of mixed parentage. My father was a lower priest of Set and my mother was an Aquilonian slave woman who had caught his eye. My father was a thin wiry priest, bald with a dark, thin black beard and fiery orange eyes. My mother was pale with blonde hair and blue eyes. I posess my father's hypnotic eyes and my mother's hair. I also bear a marked resemblence in appearance to my mother except I do not have her fair skin.
Stygia is a land of tradition and rigid values that has endured for hundreds of years. My parents marriage was not looked upon with favor by the peoples of the land and I always felt marginalized and alone. I became very competitve and always tried to prove myself by being the best. I learned that the majority of people did not approve of this and as a girl I was seen as stepping over my bounds. I was harshly rebuked for it often and ostracized. The other girls would not chat or play with me and the boys teased me mercilessly. I cried to my mother often and she comforted me the best she could but being a foreigner she did not understand. My father didn't know what to do with me and grew distant. All seemed hopeless. Then I discovered faith.
Faith in Set made all equal despite the rigid heirchy and the cruel mind games of the priests. If Set was displeased with you, then you could not weild magic. It was truly glorious to see the hatered and fear upon the faces of my tormenters when I could weild Divine Power! It must have shocked them and shaken their faith to see our God show favor to one such as me. The priesthood holds all the power in the land and few dare to challenge a messenger of Set! I was drunk with power and anticipated all I could do now with my Lord Set and his love. Nothing was impossible. Aything could be accomplished. Then by chance Set set out to test my faith in Him.
Set sent me my greatest test, his chosen Serpent Thoth Amon. Thoth Amon was awe-inspiring. A regal looking, suave man with a silver tongue. His gaze seemed to pierce into my soul. My legs wobbled my jelly and my heart raced for joy when he smiled. I hung onto his every word as desperately as a drowning man hangs onto the air in his lungs. His voice was melodic and soothed me. He told me of the great plans that Set had. How Set was going to make the world a better place. Thoth Amon had received visions from Set! Divine guidance how to end the bickering and fighting amongst everyone in Stygia and beyond. People would see Set's glory and end their pettiness, hatered and fear. All peoples wpuld be united under Set and live harmoniously in a perfect Utopia. I would no longer feel afraid and alone. We would all be one slumbering peacefully in the coils of the great serpent.

Thoth Amon spoke to my soul and the fears that laid within it. I was tired of feeling alone and afraid. Tired of never feeling like I measured up or was accepted. I embraced Thoth Amon as my lover and his casue was my cause. I traveled far with him. Into the deserts of Stygia, the plains of Kush, the far east of Hyrkania and the West of the barbaric Picts. We searched ancient ruins and dug up the earth for six stone tablets that my lover said was the key to unlocking Set's wisdom and ushering in a new Golden Age!

All went well at first but after a while I started to have my doubts. I had witnessed the back bitting and petty politics of the Serpent Ring, the governing priesthood that rules Stygia. Thoth Amon went from factional politics to complete unitty in less than a year. His harshest critics became dear friends. It was odd to see and hear them praising him with wide grins and oversized gerstures. Their eyes however seemed glazed as if they were dreaming. I ignored the warnings by telling myself that Set has opened their eyes and they now saw the truth. I chose to believe the lies I was telling myself because I loved Thoth Amon and felt he was doing the right thing.
That feeling changed when I awoke during the night to find him missing several times from our bed. I put on a robe and took my lamp and wandered through the palace looking for him. None of the servants would say where he was and I became agitated. I prayed to Set for guidance and he answered my prayer. He gave me a vision of where to find Thoth Amon but the Great Serpent warned me away saying that spying on my love would end all happiness I enjoyed. I ignored the warning because I had to know the truth. Did my love tire of me and yearn for someone else? Was he looking for a true Stygian woman? Someone to form an alliance with for an improtant tribe? I had to know the truth.
So I followed Thoth Amon one night. Crept after him like an assasin ready to pounce. He went to the circle and was met by his apprentice Mittrelle. My ire rose and I cursed her. She was his apprentice and she may have had a good reason to be assisting him but I did not trust her at all. She seemed a bit too friendly while working with him and did not show the proper deference a pupil should demonstrate to a teacher. What unfolded next shocked me to my core and has haunted me since.
Two temple guards dragged in a middle aged man. He pleaded for his life, saying he had commited no crime. The guards beat him brutally and ripped apart his shirt. Then Thoth Amon spoke an incantation and pressed his left hand onto the man's ches.t The man screamed as his skin burned. A horrific sucking sound issued as the man's soul was dragged from his body. Mittrelle began an incantation and a spirit rose up from a circle carved on the stone floor and rushed at the anquished man and merged with his body. The guards released the poor man and the wretch crumbled to the ground screaming. After a few moments the howling subsided and the man knelt before my love and professed eternal obedience. I screamed in horror and fled from the chamber and back to my room. Moments later Toth Amon and Mittrelle entered the bedchamber. He started yelling at me and demanded to know why I was spying on him. I screamed at him that he was crazy. Soul stealing is a foul perversion. He argued that he was doing this for me, to make the world one free of arguement and disent. To make an ideal paradise where everyone got along. He felt bitter that I was accusing him of hubris and vanity when he was doing everything for my benefit and that if I just calmed down I would see that he was right.
I was having none of it. I threw a vase and some of our pillows at him. He ducked out of the way and started shouting at me. He accused me of being spoiled and weak. Of wanting perfection but seeming to be unwilling to dirty my own hands. I screamed back that he was a liar and a cheater. That he was looking into madness and I could not follow him on this dark path. He would have to choose between the weird power he had uncovered or me. He could not have both.
Thoth Amon sighed and smirked. He stretched out his arms wide for an embrace. I cried tears of joy and embraced him in a long sensous kiss. "What I do now I do for you." He whispered. "In time you will come to understand. "
He ripped open my robed and grabbed my breast violently. I screamed in shock and pain, trying to squirm out of his grasp but his grip was like stone. He chanted words of power and I started to feel faint. I gasped out a prayer to Set and asked him for succor. Set looked into my heart and saw it was broken. He saw if He intervened that I would still be broken. He deined not to help me.
My former lover and his apprentice intoned their magic words and my soul was ripped from my body and floated to the circle. I cried to Thoth Amon for mercy. I had been faithful and loved him. I pleaded for mercy. Mitthrelle looked towards me and grinned. She then kissed her lover and they cast me into the underworld or so they thought.
Somehow through Set's graces I have escaped damnation and once again walk through Hyboria. I will foil Thoth Amon's foul plans and exact my revenge.
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PostSubject: Re: NancyFang - Paying the price for youthful pride.   Tue Mar 08, 2011 4:52 pm

Hehe, nice write up Nancy Smile It's been great having you and you know you're awesome!
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PostSubject: Re: NancyFang - Paying the price for youthful pride.   Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:24 pm

Awesome job there Nancy.
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PostSubject: Re: NancyFang - Paying the price for youthful pride.   

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NancyFang - Paying the price for youthful pride.
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