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 The Contract of Castious

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PostSubject: The Contract of Castious   Thu Mar 03, 2011 7:18 pm

I find myself in a dark forest...the way is unclear, there is a light ahead, dark and forboding, compelled I walk towards it...

I do not believe in the gods as they are written and spoken about, I believe in the nature of things, the nature of the blade and the blood that flows from its edge, it gives me strength, I yearn to hear it slice deep withing those that stand before me, for this I am in limbo, torn between the salvation ever growing dimmer behind me and the overcombusing feeling to press forward...

I hear its whisper now, ever in my mind, making me hunger more and more for power and pain, it has become my pleasure, I bury myself deep within my lust as I plunge my blade deeper into my enemies, with each strike, the light grows dimmer as I move forward into my own damnation...

My mind grows dark, as I come to the realization that no cup can ever hold enough blood and filth to sate my hunger....I must have it all, bringing forth as much strife at all costs, I care not for those that would do harm to me or to those I choose to protect, I only hunger for thier blood...and as my hunger grows I hear the howls of hells beasts in the distance...calling me, beckoning for me to kill more....

I have drafted a contract with darkness itself, done with the best excuse I pleeded to my king as he cut me from his employ, Forced to find a new path I shall etch in blood my name deep into the hearts of my enemies and the enemies of those I protect, and my name shall not be a whisper on the pages of history but shall shatter the heavens.... I am Castious, Templar of Hyboria, the forest lays at my feet in ash and I am ready....

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The Contract of Castious
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