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 Application for Coran

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PostSubject: Application for Coran   Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:48 am

IC information :

Name - Chohan of the House of Dusk

Age - 17 years old

Desribe yourself - Chohan is a apprentice in the dark arts who survived a tragic accident that collapsed the Library where he studied under Master Xuin Hao, a Khitain Necromancer of respectable reknown. Chohan is of Khitain descent and was raised from childhood in his native land, under the watchful eye of his Master.

A brief history - He initially dissapointed his Masters, showing limited ability in control of the dark arts. Summoning half of a demon was only the last insult. Ashamed of wasting his time on such a kid with lack of any talent his master cast him out. Begging to stay Chohan pleaded. The other members of the Order shunned his Master and belittled him. Chohans anger began to rise and with it he awakened. Calling forth the demons from the depths of hell he summoned a count of five, which was way more than he coould handle, but anger fueled him and he was blinded by hatred for those that would mock his master. He lost control but had it not been for his Master there could have been some injuries. But his Master had missed a smaller demon that had immediately hidden itself in the ceiling art of the Library. Bringing down the roof with powerful explosions, it began collapsing the structure. Master Xuin Hao grabbed Chohan by the shirt and shoved him out a window, at the very last moment before the roof collapsed on his master. He has wandered the fields of the Gateway ever since searching for traces of the demon.

OOC information:

Name, age - Rico, age 33 from San Antonio TX

What class you enjoy playing - I play a Bear Shaman (lvl 51) and I created a brand new toon to grow into, as well as raise in the guild begining his storyline and adventures. Chohan is a Necromancer, and I love a mix of melee toons and Caster toons so i have a mixture of all in my arsenal.

What do you enjoy most about RP? It lets me use my creativity, and allows m e to better immerse myself in the game, thus allowing me to fully experience this world, in the way it was hoped to be experienced.
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Application for Coran
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