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 Ralaise ( perhaps to be added to )

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PostSubject: Ralaise ( perhaps to be added to )    Sun Nov 14, 2010 7:54 pm

Full Name: Ralaise
Nicknames: Rala

Class: Tempest of Set

Race: Stygian
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Hair: Henna Red (Naturally Black, dyed)
Skin: Light bronze
Eyes: Golden
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 180 lbs.

Place of Residence: Khemi, Stygia
Place of Birth: Khemi, Stygia

Relatives: Jibada (Father), Omorose (Mother - diseased), Khalfani (Younger Brother)
Enemies: Enemies of Set.
Allies: Ainzalika, her family
Occupation: Scholar. Priestess.
Trade skill:N/A at this time

Fashion of Choice: Loose fitting gowns of silk befitting a Stygian with noble blood
Armor of Choice: Setian armor of her order.
Weapons of Choice: Pole arm, Sword and shield

Special Abilities: Call on the power of Set to bring lightening and tempest from the sky to strike her enemies.

History/Biography: Ralaise is the favored daughter of a Stygian noble, Jibada, and one of his favored Kushite courtesans,
Omorose. She grew up in a wealthy family and was well educated as well as being trained in musical arts. One day
strolling through the city on her father’s arm with a hapless slave in tow, they stopped at a temple of Set. It seems her
father was intent to ask a favor of the Old Serpent - for Omorose to bear him a strong healthy son - and the slave was
to be the God’s appeasement. The priestesses of the temple took the slave and led him up the sacrificial alter to make
the appropriate offering. Ralaise watched curiously, taking in every detail of this strange new place. She listened to the
prayers of ritual, scented the smell of burning incense mixed with a metallic tang in the air she later realized was blood
of the sacrifice. She was mesmerized by all she saw, heard and smelled. When the slave cried out in agony, the reverent
priestess’s having put the ritual blade to his throat, Ralaise noted the musical quality of the dying mans cry as it faded in
to a gurgling rasp.
“A beautiful gift. This must be how the Great Serpent is pleased, by the beauty of this dance and music of death.” She
thought. A faint smile crossing her lips. She stepped forward touching a finger to the rivulet of the dying mans blood that
trickled down from the alter, rubbing her finger against her thumb and savoring the texture against her skin.
One of the elder priestess’s took note of this and approached Ralaise and her father. The woman told Jibada that the
sacrifice was pleasing to Set, but that the Serpent wanted something more in offering for such a blessing as a son. The
woman looked down at Ralaise at his side, who was peering up into her face with a feverish light in her eyes.
The priestess spoke - “Set would have this one be made into one of his servants. He would have her devoted to him,
and trained to be one of his tempests. Callers of storms and lightening, the warrior priests who destroy the enemies of
our God by channeling his power and will. See how she is enchanted by the Serpent already.”
She extended her arm to the child Ralaise. A desert snake was coiled up her arm as if a piece of jewelry and as she
extended toward her the snake lifted its head, eyes peering into that of the child. Its tongue darted out, tasting the
air. Ralaise put her own hand out without thought , and with fluid motion the snake slithered down the Priestesses arm

to that of the child’s and coiled around her arm. It rested its head on her shoulder so its tongue was tickling at her cheek
as it darted out , making the child giggle. Her father watched quite astonished and could not help but consent for his
daughter to be trained. He gave her to their care for a few years.
After several years, her younger brother was born hale and healthy one spring , but Omorose did not survive.
Beside himself with grief, Jibada called on the temple for them to release his daughter back to him that she might
help look over the care of his infant son and the household slaves in her mother’s place. With her most important
training completed, Ralaise was returned to her family home , to be visited by temple trainers and tutors so she could
continue her education . Her father returned with a new supply of house slaves shortly after, and one among them
caught the young girl’s eye. She was beautiful and seductive in her movements, her hair was naturally the deep red that
Ralaise dyed her own to be. She saw much promise in the girl who was honestly not much younger then herself. There
was a glimmer of something deep and dark in her eyes that was merely irresistible and Ralaise found herself lonely for
female companionship since her return home. She requested that the girl be her own personal servant, and her father
much adoring her could not refuse.
She offered her to learn with her the ways of Set . Taking pride in her new found treasure as the girl learned and proved
to be something more than a simple servant. To Ralaise’s amusement she found the woman-child to be an excellent
dancer, and a fork tongued seductress. Both aspects of considerable use and influence amoungst their fellow Stygians.
She views the younger woman as something like a pet viper. Dangerous, poisonous - but beautiful in its deadly arts and
certainly a prize even at the risk of being bitten. Certainly a gift from Set.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Motivations: To do Set’s will. Destroy enemies of Set. Maintain her proud family heritage.
Disposition: Quiet. Reserved. Always poised to strike and looking for opportunity to do so.

Religion/Philosophy: Devout worshiper of Set
Sexuality: Bisexual. Favoring women.

Positive Personality Traits: Observant. Strategic. Cunning , persuasive
Negative Personality Traits: Devious, Jealous, Possessive, Suspicious, Seething temper
Misc. Quirks: bares almost full body tattoos from her time at the Temple marking her as a devoted worshiper of Set

Likes: Snakes. Music. Blood. Fine food and wine. Silks and perfumes. Her pet, Ain
Dislikes: Foreigners, those that shun or disrespect her God.

Hobbies: playing the Harp.

As for the player.
As you can read on Ainzalika's profile we joined the game together on a whim of wanting a game to roleplay on together. I gave up Warcraft about 2 years ago and have no real interest in going back to it since I played it from release.. finaly settled on giving AOC a try since we both like the Conan universe. ( especially the half naked barbarians and evil sorceress cheers ) So . here we are.

My name is Larissa. I'm 29, Female and Live in Western New York state. I'm generally quiet until you get to know me - once I'm comfortable and know you well I'm prone to snarky comments when least expected and otherwise playful behavior. Currently working retail ( God help me X< ) and studying to be certified in medical transcription by taking online courses through CareerStep. Previous RP on WoW and Aion as well as D&D table games, and the occasional event on Second Life.
Previous games :

World of Warcraft
Ultima Online
Hellgate London
Runes of Magic

Brief time on a half dozen more Free to plays as well as Star Wars Galaxies and Final Fantasy XI

*edit* forgot to mention I usually tend to play healers or hybrid healing classes ( Druid, Priest, Paladin etc ) I guess I have a thing for support roles. scratch

Not inclined to post a picture at the moment.
What a Face
Maybe later.
Look forward to RP with you all in the near future.
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PostSubject: Re: Ralaise ( perhaps to be added to )    Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:35 am

It's great to have ya and I look forward to you meeting Oryanne; Ainz got a kick out of her snottyness, hopefully you will too!
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PostSubject: Re: Ralaise ( perhaps to be added to )    Wed Nov 24, 2010 11:08 pm

Where you guys been? :p
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PostSubject: Re: Ralaise ( perhaps to be added to )    

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Ralaise ( perhaps to be added to )
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