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 Ainzalika (and the player!!)

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PostSubject: Ainzalika (and the player!!)   Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:30 pm

Full Name: Ainzalika
Nicknames: Zali

Class: Necromancer

Race: Stygian
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Hair: Crimson
Skin: Light bronze
Eyes: Golden
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 127 lbs.

Place of Residence: Khemi, Stygia
Place of Birth: Khemi, Stygia

Relatives: Shari (Mother, deceased (child-birth)); Arun Ka-Tet (Father, deceased)
Enemies: Those not of Stygian birth; Religious Infidels (those that do not revere Set or Derketo)
Allies: Ralaise; any corpse she can raise to protect her mistress and herself.

Occupation: Servant girl (Slave)
Trade skill: N / A

Fashion of Choice: Dresses and gowns that allow her to perform her duties, while still appearing pleasing to her mistress.
Armor of Choice: None
Weapons of Choice: Staves

Special Abilities: Innate necromantic abilities.

History/Biography: Born to a minor noble and a slave woman, Ainzalika was put to work at the age of four, helping with laundry duties. Such should’ve been her fate for the rest of her life, but the Fates had other plans. Arun Ka-Tet had accrued several debts and favors he could not repay, and was forced to begin selling off his slaves and lavishing. At the age of seven, she was sold to another family to work in the kitchens. That went according to plan, until their daughter, Ralaise, noticed her a few days later, and watched the younger girl work. Taking a fancy to the slave, Ralaise pleaded with her father to Ainzalika to be released over to her care, making the girl Ralaise’s personal attendant. As performing menial tasks was common place, Ainzalika shifted her duties with little ease. What would catch her off guard would be Ralaise actually speaking to her. And this was only the beginning.

As the weeks turned into months, and eventually years, Ainzalika adjusted to life in her new home, seeing to the needs of her Mistress. While there, the girl was taught religion, mostly what Ralaise had learned in her own training to become a Tempest of Set. All the while, Ainzalika, like any other person, grew into her own personality, and finding things in life she enjoyed. One of these passions, dancing, would serve her in many ways. Thinking no one was watching one morning after Ralaise had left her bed chambers to eat the morning meal with her family, Ainzalika danced about the room while tending to her duties. Little did she know that Ralaise had come back into the room, and watched her servant with a devious smile. Ralaise called for a priestess of the goddess Derketo, and had Ainzalika trained in the art of dance, a skill which is still used to this day. As her knowledge of dance widened and her skill grew, Ainzalika would dance at the whim of her mistress, learning quickly which dances the other preferred. It was during this time her own body began to develop, catching the eye of Ralaise in another light.

It is unclear when exactly the necromantic powers Ainzalika controls first truly developed, or by what method. Kept largely a secret from others, it is a skill, however, that her mistress has been able to utilize effectively…

Alignment: Ainzalika is as treacherous as any snake, showing true loyalty to a very select few.
Motivations: The advancement of her Mistress’s position; further understanding of her own necromantic abilities.
Disposition: Ainzalika is playful and seductive in her dealings with others, but always within the boundaries of her servitude.

Outlook: “Let each dawn bring forth new opportunities to never be squandered, and each rising of the moon be a time to give into lustful passions with your other.”

Religion/Philosophy: Devout worshipper of both Set and Derketo, favouring Set more so.

Sexuality: Lesbian. Ainzalika has known the touch of only one woman, and has been forbidden to even look upon another man or woman with desire in her eyes.

Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, Dutiful
Negative Personality Traits: Spiteful, Untrusting, Devious
Misc. Quirks:

Likes: Music, dancing, and stability.
Dislikes: Foreigners,
Favorite Foods: Fruits, Lamb
Favorite Drinks: Goats Milk, Water
Favorite Colors: Various hues of blues, reds, purples, yellows, and oranges.

Hobbies: Dancing


Heya! Guess I should finally introduce the player a little?

Name: Kylas

Ralaise and I are here, playing the game together, hence why you really only see us on together. We both have an interest in the Conan world, both tired of WoW, and wanted a change. So, here we are!!

Usually considered a bit of a smartass, but I'm me. 29, living in northern Alabama (sans accent :p), and a college student. Going for a Bachelor's Degree in Animation and Game Design, with a goal of eventually working at BioWare. Prolly take me a while, but I'll get there!!

I'm a role-player at heart, and have done so across a slew of MMO's.

Ragnarok Online
Neverwinter Nights
Dark Ages of Camelot (briefely)
World of WarCraft
Guild Wars
Final Fantasy XI
City of Heroes / City of Villains
Star Wars Galaxies

I have a bad habit of gravitating towards pet classes and caster, to which I will whole-heartedly blame Advanced Dungeons and Dragons for!

And....that's about places....presented. FLEE!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ainzalika (and the player!!)
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