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 A Cimmerian's Tale - Byshop

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PostSubject: A Cimmerian's Tale - Byshop   Sun Nov 07, 2010 4:27 am

The large Cimmerian leans back in his chair and grins. “Ye must have had one too many to want to hear about me, but I’m not one to disappoint. I was born the son of a goatherd, raised right here in Conall’s Valley…not far from Clan Muragh. I lived a shepherd’s life, learning the wild places of the land. I was a young man when I saw my father fall ill and seek the help of a shaman. She had a connection to the land, and abiding sense of nature and through it, she could see the way of things that normal men couldn’t. He was up and about in a week, walking like his leg had never been broken in a fortnight.

I never forgot that though it would be years before I understood it. I left home at 20, and fought wars for men I didn’t know in foreign lands. It was there again I felt my own destiny stir. I had taken an arrow in the shoulder, and left alone on the to fend for myself or die. I was losing blood fast, and wasn’t long for the world when off in the distance I saw a bear. Aye a bear!

Then, all at once, I feel this pulse thrumming in the earth, a power like none I’d ever seen or felt. I reached for it and felt warmth flow up into me. The wound in my shoulder healed and I knew then my life had changed forever. From that day forward I vowed to learn from nature , to learn the ways of the shaman.

Now, after escaping my captors, I came back home. Aye, I came home to serve a debt of knowledge I learned as a young man.
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A Cimmerian's Tale - Byshop
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