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 Katsuo Sudachi

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Katsuo Sudachi

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PostSubject: Katsuo Sudachi   Fri Nov 05, 2010 7:05 pm

Name:Katsuo Sudachi

age: 21


Appearance:Sudachi stands around 5'6 with black hair and blue eyes.He has a lean yet toned physique.He rarely smiles and his face is usually masked by a blank cold stare.

Personality Traits: Sudachi is not a man of many words,but rather actions. His life career as an assassin has made him a cold and calculus young man.Despite this he still has strong moral values.He does not kill innocence and depending on the situation he may even show signs of chivalry.He values cunning and finesse above all traits.He has no sense of a fair fight.To him a fair fight is who ever is left standing alive.One can't spew words of "honor" if they are laying in a pool of their own blood.

He does not trust others easily and furthers himself even more when it comes to intimate relationships.For Sudachi is infatuated with the same sex.Since a traumatic incident in his adolescence he never talks about his affection toward men and at times despises himself for what he did not choose and views love and even lust as a weakness.

Story:Katsuo was the youngest son of Katsumoto Sudachi and Yumi Sudachi.Both his parents were members of an assassin brotherhood known as the Oichi.He was raised and trained by one of the senior assassins who went by the name of Shen Lo

Shen Lo taught the young Sudachi pickpocketing,thievery,wilderness survival,poison making,acrobatics, and how to fight with various knives and daggers.When he turned 17 Sudachi began his trial to become a recognized assassin of the order and graduate from his apprenticeship.

He was dropped off in the west slums of Paikang and was told his target's general location and nothing more. Success was to eliminate the target by whatever means.There could be no witnesses,and was not permitted to kill any city guards.He spent 5 weeks in the slums living off the streets avoiding gangs,and stealing food to survive. Only gathering the name of his target which was Zhou Li

One afternoon when he was targeting a local merchant's fish stand he was caught by a city guard. He panicked and ran off into a random alley.The alley was a dead end and there was no point in which he could jump and climb up the sides of near by buildings. The guards were closing in on him till a smoke bomb was thrown and exploded in the alley. Sudachi quickly covered his eyes and began coughing uncontrollably. He felt someone grab his wrist and pick him up over their shoulders. Passing out from the smoke he awoke inside a run down building over looking the city of Paikang.The room was silent.Then he heard a creek on the old floor boards and quickly reached for his daggers but they were missing. From moonlit room emerged another boy just about the same age as him. Sudachi thanked the boy for saving his life as thievery is seen as a major offense and found out that his name was in fact Zhou Li.

Sudachi never carried out his mission to kill his target. He couldn't find the strength to do it in good conscious knowing it was Zhou Li that saved him from the city guards. To make matters worse they became best friends in the weeks to fallow,and soon after even grew an intimate relationship.When the Oichi learned of Sudachi's failure to carry out the mission the order was given to find him and bring him back to their base for punishment.Several Oichi spies and assassins were dispatched into the city and with in just 24 hours they had located the young couple.The darkest day in Sudachi's life was the day the Oichi captured him and Zhou Li.They were sitting on the balcony of the abandoned house watching the sun set when the Oichi attacked.There was no time to react or put any resistance. The assassins penetrated through the front door and small group had even climbed up to the roof of the building surrounding the two.The assassins quickly learned of their relationship with one another and were most disgusted. Such acts were seen as worse then even treachery in the Oichi and are sentenced to slow painful deaths.

They were bound,gagged, and tied to horses only to be dragged through the city streets back to the Oichi base of operations.From the horses they were untied and beaten by their captures then dragged inside the base. When they walked through the front door Sudachi saw his father waiting,and till this day can not forget the face of disgust that he showed. His father walked up to him and threw him on the ground only to be kicked and further punished for his failure and wretched life. He denounced him as his son and told the guards to carry on with the sentence.Sudachi was tied to a wooden pole and was forced to watch as Zhou Li was striped of his clothes and forced onto a wooden table where his arms and legs were chained down.His body was severely bruised and his face swollen beyond recognition. The Oichi made Sudachi watch as they castrated Zhou Li with a rusty dagger,and then disemboweled the boy keeping their promise of a slow and painful death.

He could not hold back his tears and in Zhou Li's final moments he tried to speak however no words could be formed.Sudachi tried telling him not to talk and that "everything would be ok"but he knew none of it would make a difference.after Zhou Li expelled his last breath the guards prepared a second table and began to unchain Sudachi.However before the guards could unchain them the instantly fell to the ground.From the shadows two throwing knives plunged through each of their skulls,and from the darkest corner of the room Sudach's old master Shen Lo emerged.Shen freed him from the chains and gave him a weapon.He told him the safest route out of the base and the quickest way out of the country and never to return.He reassured Sudachi he did not approve of this injustice the Oichi had done and that one day their paths may cross again.

Since his escape Sudachi has not looked back. He has traveled all over Hyboria as a blade for hire working for whoever can offer the coin to keep food in his belly and a blanket to stay warm in.
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Katsuo Sudachi
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