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 Amru Snowtiger

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PostSubject: Amru Snowtiger   Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:11 am

Though many call him a Cimmerian, not knowing any different, Amru is actually an Aesir from the Snow Tiger clan, one of the most far-flung peoples in Hyborea. His homelands lie a full three hundred leagues north of Cimmeria’s northernmost borders, among the frigid mists and ice floes at the edge of the world.

The son of the tribal shaman, Amru was subjected to harsh expectations, both in the skills needful for survival in such a forbidding clime and in the education befitting a holy man’s get. He met all challenges squarely throughout his adolescence, never flinching, and soon became the preeminent hunter of his tribe. He was the first in three generations to fully complete the rites of passage for a Spiritwalker, the elite among the Snow Tigers who combine the skills of a warrior with the mysticism of a shaman, and his final test was almost the death of him.

The Spiritwalker initiate must go out into the frozen wilderness alone and armed only with a hunting knife, there to track down and face one of the most frightful denizens of that arctic place, the snow tiger. Standing higher than a man’s waist at the shoulder and weighing as much as a laden cart, the snow tiger is the killing ghost of the Asgardian glaciers. To survive alone in this sleet-laden hell of an environment was challenge enough, but to purposely seek out and hunt such a beast all but unarmed is a form of insanity.

After three days of searching the snows, Amru found the spoor of the snow tiger, and knew it was near. Rounding a drift, he came upon a full grown male tiger feasting on the half frozen carcass of an elk, and there was no turning back. With a war cry, he charged the feline even as it leapt toward him, and they clashed there on the ice. Outweighing him twice over, the tiger bore Amru to the ground, its slavering fangs seeking his throat as its powerful claws sought to rend him to the bone. With the spirit-vision of his heritage, Amru found the exact moment to strike, and drove his blade deep into the jugular, twisting to open the wound and pierce the nerves of the tiger’s neck, and the great beast died upon him, its lifeblood painting him like a shaman’s tattoo. When Amru managed to throw off the creature and regain his feet, he was bleeding heavily from three great gashes upon his chest where the tiger’s claws had scored him, marking him forever as favored by Snow Tiger, the perfect spiritual embodiment of that feline species. To this day he still wears the claws of his kill upon his chest as his spirit totem.

Thus marked, Amru was chosen by the clan elders to seek out the source of their disturbing visions, which involved a dark and wicked figure summoning demons and gods to do his bidding…the Dark Soul, as they called him, was none other than Thoth-Amon, and the shamans knew that left unchecked, he would doom the world and pull it askew into a dark age of chaos. In this way was Amru sent on his journey of countless miles to the south, passing over entire mountain ranges and at long last coming to the “civilized” lands of Aquilonia and beyond.

With his stiff sense of honor and unyielding pride, Amru can be difficult to get along with, but those same qualities make him a loyal friend and courageous ally. He is well spoken, if often quiet, and under his veneer of stoicism lays a primal spirit of ferocity as well as a sometimes playful companion.

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Amru Snowtiger
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