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 Giocosa Caerdicci

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PostSubject: Giocosa Caerdicci   Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:09 am

The daughter of Aquilonian parents, Giocosa Caerdicci was born near the Westermarck in Thunder River. Her father was the King’s Huntsman and her mother the Court Poet for King Numedides III, and though no love was lost between her parents and the cruel tyrant, they were well appointed courtiers and members of the landed gentry. When Conan deposed Numedides and took the throne, they excused themselves from political life and retired to their sprawling estate in the hinterlands near the rushing waters.

Her family always sought to keep Giocosa sheltered from the intrigues of the court, and when they were needed in Tarantia, she was cared for by servants and her older sister, Phedre. Still, she was able to spend considerable time hunting and learning the art of the bow from her father, and benefiting from her mother’s musical acumen, all the more so since they chose to leave the capital and bide their time at home, raising horses and tending their grape vineyards.

Even as a young girl, however, Gio had a tendency to wander off and explore her surroundings, seeking new trees to climb or animals to track, and it was during one such excursion that her life was to take a dramatic turn.

The Picts had been active that year, as they have been every year since, and though they are dismissed as savages, they are as cunning and crafty in their way as any courtly diplomat or furtive spy. Their shamans knew that forging certain alliances among dispossessed Aquilonians would only further their goals, and the escaped renegades and prisoners from the nearby prison colony were perfect candidates for these unhealthy alliances. Thus when they managed to capture a certain young blonde girl of obviously noble birth, they saw a chance to garner some benefit by making a trade for information about Numedides’ agenda from the renegade rather than kill the girl out of hand (or make a meal of her), they took her to the camp of the escapees.

These men were no fools either; they saw that holding the girl for ransom might buy their pardons or at least free a few of their compatriots, or so they hoped if she was in good condition, and thus they restrained their temptations to use her for their own lustful desires and bundled her aboard a slave ship bound for the Barachans, there to hold her in a secure spot until their demands could be met.

The ship never reached shore. Giocosa doesn’t remember much of exactly what happened, for a nasty head blow from an errant oar addled her wits quite thoroughly (some may say she is still a bit addled), but after having passed through the grueling experience under Crom’s Rock, she does recall washing up on a shore and being rescued by a white-haired old priest. Those days seem like a hazy dream now, and Gio has regained her mastery of bow and stealth, as well as the ability to read even the faintest tracks with uncanny accuracy.

She hopes to make a name for herself as a bard of some talent, as well as continue her training in the longbow, and make her family proud.

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Giocosa Caerdicci
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