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 The Biography of Arrevan

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PostSubject: The Biography of Arrevan   Sat Oct 09, 2010 3:30 am

Fullname: Arrevan
Class: Demonologist
Race: Stygian
Gender: Female
Age: 30

Hair: black, long
Eyes: golden brown
Appearance: She is tall, slightly muscular and fairly well-built. Her face has delicate sculpted features without the slightest hint of her true personality.

Personality: she tends to be very mysterious and sometimes appears to say a lot without saying anything at all. She ca be a bit sarcastic at times and has a bit of an evil streak. Those that cross her do so only once so she makes a better friend, then an enemy.

Occupation: "Student of the mysterious of life!"

Arrevan stared at the body of Thaylius slumped face down at the table his hand still clasped around the goblet to which he had taken his last fatal drink from. Were it not for the visions in her scrying pool, she would not have known of his infidelities and would have continued to discover the dark arts together with him draped in his deceit.

“I see that wine did not sit well with you my dear” she stated sarcastically while sneering at the dead body of her former partner.

She knew their powers were equally matched so to confront him on these visions and challenge him head on would have proved to be an inconsequential act. Something unsuspecting would be required to affirm the ill-fated choices he had made and to clarify that she in fact was the dominating force in their relationship. A force one should not provoke.

“Don't worry my love, I will see that a proper ritual is performed to send you on your journey through the shadowlands” mocked Arrevan with a slight lilt in her voice.

Her odyssey into the dark arts would continue perhaps now with more nefarious intent.
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PostSubject: Re: The Biography of Arrevan   Sat Oct 09, 2010 4:35 am

It's great to have y ou, and a great read Smile Thank you for posting and welcome to the guild!
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The Biography of Arrevan
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