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 Ryusae's Back story

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PostSubject: Ryusae's Back story   Tue Oct 05, 2010 3:56 am

Ryusae leaned in closer and gave the pretty Khitain girl sitting next to him one of his sensual smiles. She giggled and fell against him under the premise of half-falling off her barstool. Ryusae wasn’t sure if her act was genuine or as practiced as his own moves, but he didn’t really care either way, as long as the evening ended as enjoyably as it currently promised.

He lifted his mug to his lips, taking the moment to scan the crowded common room. He made a quick survey of the room, mentally noting the newcomer that had just entered through the front door, adding him to his mental tally of the smoky room’s occupants. His face remained a mask of blithe enjoyment – any glancing at him would pay him little mind, other than envy of the attention he was receiving from the well-filled-out brunette at his side – even while he inwardly became more alert as his glance finally came to rest on his charge.

She sat by the fire, somehow knowing the light would enliven her blond tresses and highlight her pale features to near perfection. He pitied the bloke sitting next to her, thoroughly enchanted with whatever she spoke of, though he would hazard to guess it had something to do with trade routes and merchant contracts. She never tired of the two topics and could talk at length, nay, at LONG length about both. Her companion would be bored if he were paying the slightest interest in her words instead of her bosom. He himself was immune to her not-insignificant charms, having grown up with her as small children, almost as brother and sister.

Not quite though. He never let himself forget that he was not her equal, that he lived to serve and protect her, and he made the latter his utmost priority at all times. Of course, it didn’t start out that way. At first he was just her playmate, purchased in the slave markets as a play thing for the little girl whose parents and older siblings had little time for. He grew up with her, studied as she studied, traveled as she traveled, and learned to navigate the life of nobility along side her.

When he moved from boyhood into the voice-changing, hormone-laden, erection at the most awkward time teen years, he was taken to the training fields and taught the lessons of sword and dagger. Mounted combat, shadow stealth, grappling, you name it, he was taught it. He took to the tasks with quick adeptness, his natural tenacity and good humor aiding him during the long, but enjoyable training hours.

Assured of her safety, he turned back to his companion, flashing her his seductive smile once more. He was the first one to sign up for a job if it meant coin to weigh his purse, fame and notoriety, or the still far off dream of land of his own. Today though, things were slow and he intended to enjoy the downtime while it lasted in the best way he knew how, with a wench at his side.
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Ryusae's Back story
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