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 Knysis - The Stygian Courtisan ( Rated R. )

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PostSubject: Knysis - The Stygian Courtisan ( Rated R. )   Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:55 pm

"The shov must go on." The stygian woman whispered to herself, her arms lifting up over her head while the curtains of the room were drawn to reveal her tantalizing flesh and glory of those curves she had. At posed stance she stood trembling slightly, a hint of being nervous and yet so ready to perform was hinted, and as the soft rhythm of the drums began to echo, the performance began, and with each, light step of her feet, the courtesan began to glamour the men within the room with the elegance and natural talent of each generous swish or buck of her hips. This night was only another beginning to what was about to unfold, but to her, it was just another night, another nigh to hypnotize the men with her infamous dancing.

Born within the ruins of the city Khemi, she was raised as an average young woman. Only to have a father at her side as the mother shortly passed after the gruesome birth of her sister, Mariketa. Knysis was the eldest, very lean and always influenced to dance at the slightest hint of anything that could create music within her mind. Her childhood was as any other modern child's. Fun, eventful, boring, yet hard. But as Knysis rolled into her late teen years, she couldn't help but to become curious as to why other men had started to view her as a "Tempest." As years rolled by and little Knysis was no longer 'little', but was now a woman in her prime. The age of 18 merely as she walked down the streets, performing the task her father had before the tragic plague swept him from her's and Mariketa's grasp. Forced to work and only pray that she'll get a chance to dance once more within the glorious sun, she was made to be the sole provider for her sister.
Reaching her early twenties, Knysis was given an opportunity to do what she always loved, and that was to dance. A male, older and stronger than she had stopped her mid-way into the market alley of their town, Khemi, had forced the basket of freshly picked fruits onto the ground after striking her down. Proceeding to attempt another harmful attack upon young Knysis he raised her to her feet as he ripped loose the scarlet cloak she always wore, revealing her body to all while all the men watched, even the one who held her by her hair was in pure shock at such beauty while he then released her, and in his own, mischievous manner demanded her to dance, after she had refused he stricken her again, telling her to dance or pay with her life. So without a second thought upon her situation, Knysis began her performance. And like a true, dancer, she posed, and then as a street performer began to tap his drums, she gave a gracious twist of her hips.
Little did Knysis know that amongst the men within the alley that day, the owner of a proud 'whore' house was watching this little, natural dancer perform as if she was a true professional. And he had to have her amongst his many women within his tavern for pleasure and money.
For years Knysis danced her heart and soul out in front of men within the 'Purple Carp Tavern'. Swooning men with her charming features and her alluring hips as she made more money than she could ever dreamt of. But as the days rolled on, it was only the beginning of her life changing for either the good, or the bad.

"Knysis?! Has anyone seen that little bitch? KNYSIS!!" Perking at her name being called she was quick to respond as she fled to the voice, eyeing her owner over and bowing low in apology, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I was fixing my jewels. They got stuck again...”
A hand met her cheek with a harsh slap, making the girl fall towards the floor as she curled, cupping the swollen cheek while she peered up at her boss, the male towering her form, "Bitch, you kept my finest costumer waiting! He's been in there by himself for nearly ten minutes! Get your ass dressed -now- and quick. I don't need you ruining your reputation as my finest courtesan!" Nodding she sniffled as she was brought to her knees, casting her boss a harsh glare as he pinned towards the curtained room, "Mind you, he's a tough one, and he's slightly drunk I believe. A Cimmerian at that and you know how they get. So incase, take your medicine and be prepared for anything. He's paying -good- money for his last night here. Make it count, my little magic-doll."
"I'll give him my 'special' dance." Her voice rippled loose shakily, tossing her boss an apologetic grin before she watched him stalk away, his fat hips swishing as he did. "Tyranny...” She breathed, glancing at the door that awaited the Cimmerian male; she even heard him yell out, "Where is she?! I fookin' paid for me dancer! Now where is that little Stygian bitch?!"
Sighing she primped herself up, shaking loose all tension and fear as she slowly walked into the room, closing the curtains behind her tightly as she stood within a slightly litted room, glancing around before finally noting the male within the center, drumming his finger upon a pillow as he had his cheek leaned upon the balled fist, his voice whispering in a husky yet irritated tone, "About fookin' time.."
"My apologies, sir. I was a bit occupied."
"Occupied? By Crom if ya' wer. Now dance! I want to see why Stygian women are so 'popular'...”
"As you wish, sir."
"My name is Hawkrill... Ya' little harlot."
"Oh! I'm... I'm Gene."
She merely shivered as she watched his lips turn into a smirk, casting off a dangerous appeal within his features as his taunt muscles flexed. Fear being visible, clearly enough she was never bedded by a Cimmerian male before, but she feared tonight she was going to have to if her boss commanded it or suggested it towards the male.
"Gene? Is that yer stage name..?"
"Ya' sound nervous, Cimmerian women don' get nervous. What's ya' real name, lass."
"Kn... Knysis."
"Eh, dance for me, I didn't pay to have ya' talk, but to see ya' hips swing."
And just like any other night, she began to dance, working her spell upon the male while she moved with such grace and elegance. But as the performance turned into what seemed to be hours she would noticed this male wasn't, or didn't even seemed phased by her curves, not even transfixed upon the outfit she had wore or the jewels that laced her skin. As the night ended with an ending pose to her dance, leaving her sweaty and breathless, she slowly stumbled to her feet, dipping into a low bow as she began to make her way towards the exit, too embarrassed that she couldn't even arouse the male.
"Wait... Get yer arse back in here...”
"P... Vhat?"
"Ya' heard me, lass... Get back in here... Now."
Closing the curtains once again she kept her back towards the male, hearing him stand as he gave off a low grunt, only to burst into a rage of shivers as she felt his towering form loom over her as he stood just inches behind, his hands already reaching towards her waist as she felt him pull her into his chest, and to her surprise, the embarrassment she had felt for not doing her part, was washed away as she felt the thick bulge upon that of her lower back.
"By Crom... Yer master was right...”
"Sir, you... You can't... Touch!"
She felt his hand slither over to cup that of a breast within his massive palm, making her freeze in place while she couldn't think, couldn't move, not even for a moment, remember the steps to take if a male had touched her inappropriately. Making her voice release a shocked squeal as she felt his other hand begin to venture downward past her jeweled navel.
"St-Stop!" She finally bit out, thrashing around while she finally wiggled free from his grip, pressing against the back of the wall while she eyed him in pure terror. She had bedded men before, but never a Cimmerian. Her friends within the Estate told her rumors, horrific myths upon the men as she was now faced with one, and as she noted how big he possibly was, she couldn't help but to feel even more excited that she might have her chance with her very first, Cimmerian male. "If... You have to pay extra to touch! And I highly doubt you have the money to afford someone like me!"
"And why do ya' say that?"
"Be-Because... Well... Because... I'm... Expensive!"
The male laughed in a thunderous roar as he shook his head, slowly approaching the trembling dancer as his welsch accident came in a dark, husky yet intoxicating tone, "I already paid.."
"Ya' heard me... Now c'mere!"
As she declined his command, he shot out for her, seizing her by the vest she wore and throwing her down while she winced, landing harshly upon her back as he was quick to follow her down, pressing against her to keep her pinned as she flailed around and pushed upon his massive chest, "Get off me!"
"Yirm's blood... You're fookin' frisky aren't ya'?"
The male growled into her ear as she screamed for her boss, the fat man entered, looking towards the Cimmerian while he quickly ran towards him, whacking him with a harsh stick as the boss yelled in a demanding voice, "Get off her! You sex-driven fool! I said you can only -watch- her! Not fuck her!"
"How much?!"
Senjach, the manager of the Tavern seized his hits, eyeing Hawk, then Knysis as his lips curled into a deviant smirk, "She's expensive, -very- expensive."
"How fookin' much?!"
"Ten gold."
"To own her...”
Knysis blinked, eyeing Senjach, then Hawkrill while she would shake her head quickly, noting her boss to -not- do what she thinks he was about to do.
"She's thirty-five. But why would you want her? She's disgraceful! Disobedient! Stubborn than any other Stygian woman here that you can afford, why her?"
"I have my reasons, Stygian. Now shall I pay you now or when the sun raises?"
Senjach stared towards Hawkrill then towards Knysis while he let loose a surprised laugh, his fat head being thrown back while he would hold his hand upon his belly, his laughter making his rolls quiver from under the pressure of his laugh.
"Answer me!"
"You can pay in the morning; it'll give her time to pack."
"Good... I'll be here early. And I expect her outside, -waiting-."
As the Cimmerian made his way out of the room, cursing under his breath in pure anger and frustration from not being able to do as he was wishing, he left Knysis there, shivering, looking shocked, merely unable to think while she slowly then peered at her boss, that look of pure fear crossed her features while she whispered out softly, "Did.. Did you really... Sell me off?"
"Yes, now go get your things packed, I wouldn't want to insult his wealth with my lack of good judgment"

The next morning followed as planned, as the sun rose over the peeks of the pyramids in the back, she slowly glanced towards the bulky Cimmerian male ride up upon his broad steed. His eyes hidden under his cloak while he approached her sharply, gripping her bags as he loaded them onto his horse, "Ya' stay here, and if ya' run off, I'll hunt ya' down and bend ya' ova' me knee...”
"Y-Yes... Sir."
Before the male walked in, her pulled the small female close, his lips sealing over hers while he drew her so close to his chest, she could feel his wash-board abs flex against her slim belly, her hands pushing upon his chest as he finally released her, then smirked as she saw her look faintly dizzy before strolling into the Tavern. But as he finally vanished behind the doors she bent over and spat upon the ground, wiping her lips off crudely and whimpering while she folded her arms over her chest, waiting for the male to return.
Minutes walked by while she leaned upon the stoned wall, thinking to herself before the doors finally opened, and out walked the Cimmerian, his grin cockier than ever as he crossed towards her, scooping her up and over his shoulder while he made way to his horse, setting her upon it before mounting himself, and riding off towards the next boat for take-off towards his lands.

To this day, the two are still together, and Knysis still dances for that of her new master whenever commanded. Though, not a day goes by that she misses her own home. Hoping, and praying to the god Set, that her sister is safe.
The End!
((Hope you enjoyed.))
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PostSubject: Re: Knysis - The Stygian Courtisan ( Rated R. )   Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:20 am

Bloody fuckin perfect, dear! I guess I'll have to add my tale here soon.!
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PostSubject: Re: Knysis - The Stygian Courtisan ( Rated R. )   Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:59 am

Heh, danke danke, I try. ^^;
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PostSubject: Re: Knysis - The Stygian Courtisan ( Rated R. )   Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:14 pm

Such a sad story. And a very interesting one at that.
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PostSubject: Re: Knysis - The Stygian Courtisan ( Rated R. )   

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Knysis - The Stygian Courtisan ( Rated R. )
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