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 Dieone Story(Ron-BlackSliver)

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PostSubject: Dieone Story(Ron-BlackSliver)   Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:33 pm

The story for Dieone life:

Dieone was born as an black angel over hunderts of years ago...
As the apocalypse began.. and all unholy races risen from the darkness in the whole wide world.. angels have been called to save and rescue all alive for those who needed help..
7 Days past.. after a bloody war she had no more power.. in her pain, she past away..
"Have you ever seen an angel fallen?".. he died. Family.. destroyed! The world.. only lay waste, the air? There was nothing to breath anymore.. The war? ..was over.

Several hunderts of years later dieone rejuvenate by holy strenghts.. but full of hate.. he wanted just one thing.. Bloody Revenge! The Revenge black angel, a dark Seraphim more powerful then before.. still looks like an angel.. his wings, broken.. with sinister evil feelings, thoughts..
he just want revenge in the war's of hyboria and the cities around.. many people will hear him screamings in the nights "I will slit a cross in your torsos deeper as the deepest ocean! All those who past my way be careful... or you will peg out in pain!"

One minor day.. A hox saw him searching and lost.. a hox named "Demon".
Demon welcomes him to his Family.. UNJUSTICE WORLD! In him new found family he met many people with Strong
personalities.. dieone felt very welcome.. Supported.. teached & trained by Demo, with his knowledge, dieone grows strong and decided to help as an Hox and to fight as a warrior...
Since then, he knows he is not alone on his way..
And after all this....
Dieone lead his soul to his Revenge.


Player :Dieone
Race :stygan
class :Hox
age :25



About My self:

I am kind working hard on things i love and i know what is right and what is wrong
my english good but i do little mistakes cuz this is keyboard after all and i will be happey to meet new people in game i love to role play much and grind much level's about my life i love to hang up with friends to work and get money and Gaming with my friend's and that's it
and about love this big story NO NEED TO TELL so Thanks about watching this post

Created by Ron-BlackSliver,Ninetail,Dieone,Zelada
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Dieone Story(Ron-BlackSliver)
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