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PostSubject: Roc'ross   Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:15 pm

(( Format Stolen ))

FULL NAME: Roc'ross Elderspear
RACE: Cimmerian, 1/4 vanir. (Mothers father was a Vanir raider, ill let you fill in the details)
CLASS: Doesn't mind the extra wight for heavy armors, but perfers the feel of a grip in each hand (Conq, DW)
EQUIPMENT/CLOTHING STYLE: Furs, leather, Chainmail. Mostly dresses for winter, just takes more and more off if he is in the south.
PERSONALITY: Much like the Weather of his homeland, calm and peaceful until a storm brews, then deathly cold and unforgiving.
PICTURES OF CHARACTER OR PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Dark red hair, braided beard, long, untamed hair. Guant, square face, slender but muscular frame.
BACKGROUND: (( i shalt edit this as i write it, mostly cursed by his own people becouse of his red hair, making him seem a vanir, however loves cimmeria and wishs to defend it agienst everything. Cares little for outside problems, unless they can one day face his homeland aswell or the need is very great and nobody else is around to handle it. Hard, shunned childhood, grew up getting into lots of fights, defensive, and rather unconfident in lady dealings ))

(responses in his/her own voice) Your character is approached by a scholar from the Great Library in Tarantia.

OCCUPATION: Hunting, Defending the tents of my people from invaders.
CURRENT HOME: The Northern Plains, got a decent place to camp and call home up there.
MARITAL STATUS: Im not humping under any furs book boy.
CHILDREN: What part of the not humping part didn't you get?
I LOVE: A good mead and mutton, and it makes it much better when you are feasting to the beat of victory.
I HATE: Those that threaten the weak, those that threaten the innocent, and those that threaten cimmeria!
WHO I WOULD NOT SAVE FROM DYING IN A FIRE: Those that stand opposed from me on the battlefield.
NOBODY KNOWS I AM: I like readin...look you tell anybody book boy and ill whip ya!
I WISH I COULD STOP: The Vanir bastards.
I'M A SUCKER FOR: The pure of heart.
THE WORST PART OF MY LIFE IS: Seeing the beauty of my homeland destroyed in war.
I WANT TO TEACH MY CHILDREN THAT: These lands are ours, and there is no other that are as good, not from here to all of khati is there better lands than our lands, and they are worth our blood to keep.
A GOOD TIME FOR ME IS: Tending fires, putting up tents in peace, hunting and fishing, not spending endless days fighting off the invaders of my homeland.
THE WORST ADVICE THAT MY FATHER GAVE ME WAS: I didn't know him, he died before i was born, shot in the leg with an arrow, wound got all dirty, shaman couldn't help him.
I THOUGHT I WAS GROWN UP WHEN: Smashed a mans face in with he whom was humping my mothers mace. I was ten and the man had tried to rape my sister.
WHEN I FEEL SORRY FOR MYSELF I: Why in the hell would i tell you that, you think im going to unman myself in front of you.
NOBODY WOULD BELIEVE ME IF THEY SAW ME: Reading tomes and drinking tea.
MY FRIENDS LIKE ME BECAUSE: Thats the sort of thing you should as them you dumb book boy.
MY PET PEEVE IS: I don't have a pet peeve, i got a dog.
MY MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT: Pushing those invading bastards back.
I CAN DIE HAPPY WHEN: There are no more battles to be won, and no more men to try and take our lands.
MY MOST HUMBLING EXPERIENCE WAS: Im done with your questions now. *the man walks out, grabbing one of the many Tome of the Ancients on his way out* Ill return it.

The Player:
FULL NAME: Robert Whaley
RACE: White, 3/4 Irish, 1/8 German 1/8 Native american.
CLASS: Athletic Computer Nerd.
EQUIPMENT/CLOTHING STYLE: Jeans, T-shirt, Leather Blazer coat, Skate shoes. Suits if the situation warrents it.
PERSONALITY: get to know me if you want to know.
PICTURES OF CHARACTER OR PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 6'3", 185 LBS, down to the neck brown hair, slim glasses.
BACKGROUND: Born in San Diego, CA. MY parents got seperated when i was young, so i lived with my dad, went to moms house afterschool for a few hours. over winter break of my 7th grade year I moved to yuma, AZ with my dad and new little sister. Was near my grandmother, whom has always been a very important person to me. i then moved back to San Diego when i turned 18, my girlfriend was going here for school, after her first year in yuma, so i moved over here, finshed my final year of hish school and am now starting at Cuyamaca Collage. My parents had already moved at the start of my seinor year of high school, so i do spend some time helping them, since my dad has a bad back, and my mother works full time. Often i pick up my little sister from school and will either watch them at my parents house or at my house, mostly when my dad has physical thrapy, so if there are kids in the background, they aren't mine, but im related to them. At home i have my wonderful girl friend and her best friend. i don't know what im going to major in, just sort of trying to figure it all out ya know.
(responses in his/her own voice) Your character is approached by a scholar from the Great Library in Tarantia.

OCCUPATION: Im a collage stundent, used to be a lifeguard but i got layed off.
MARITAL STATUS: Live in girl friend, ill still hit on you at the bar though Wink.
CHILDREN: Not my own, but i more of a parent than a sibling to my little bro and sis.
I LOVE: Concerts, swimming, my gf, the rush of saving another person( its better than any drug)
I HATE: Dumb people, people who get thier feeling hurt over bullshit, n00bs.
WHO I WOULD NOT SAVE FROM DYING IN A FIRE: I would save anybody from a fire if i could, just becouse someone is an asshole doesn't mean you should degrade yourself to pay them for it.
NOBODY KNOWS I AM: well, on the beach nobody knows i am a nerd, and on the computer nobody knows i am a surfer.
I WISH I COULD STOP: Dumb people from breeding.
I'M A SUCKER FOR: People with a problem, people who need help.
THE WORST PART OF MY LIFE IS: Knowing callesto will never return my love.
I WANT TO TEACH MY CHILDREN THAT: Always do your best, act like your life depended on it, becouse the quality of it does.
A GOOD TIME FOR ME IS: smashing face in AoC, doing anything romantic with my gf, driving way to fast on an empty road, feeling the rush as you shoot accross a wave, pulling a person from the water and into safty.
THE WORST ADVICE THAT MY FATHER GAVE ME WAS: Computer games are bad. what the fuck was he thinking.
I THOUGHT I WAS GROWN UP WHEN: I had a job, a car, and a girl friend.
WHEN I FEEL SORRY FOR MYSELF I: i just bottle that shit up, don't try to unscrew that cap you little fucker.
NOBODY WOULD BELIEVE ME IF THEY SAW ME: Picking kids up, helping with homework, cooking dinners, reading a story and tucking kids into bed. Honestly i want kids, just not yet. Razz
MY FRIENDS LIKE ME BECAUSE: Honestly you should ask them.
MY MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT: Making it through high school without sleeping the whole time, god high school sucked.
I CAN DIE HAPPY WHEN: I know the people i love are going to be fine, and i had a good life.
MY MOST HUMBLING EXPERIENCE WAS: seeing someone die. it changes you, completly.

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