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 Darker dealings

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PostSubject: Darker dealings   Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:59 pm

Dearest friends,

I have given Haddassah and Nefaruti of our guild the go ahead to begin darker dealings in Khemi for the continued profits of Sealladh. Haddassah has recently inherited several large triremes and sailing vessels, as well as a huge chunk of the island across the canal from the main city of Khemi.

They have planned to utilize the leniant laws and morals of Stygia to get Sealladh involved in the slave trade there in particular. While I do not condone slavery, it is an accepted form of business within Stygia and part of their culture. I cannot argue against culture as the freedom of culture is a big part of why Sealladh is multi-cultural and continues to fight for the protection of other people's rights.

Part of the other darker dealings that will take place here are the sale of black magic relics and ingrediants. Servilia of Sealladh has agreed to secure a trade line using Haddassah's new ships that will bring in a steady supply of these ingrediants.

We will also be selling many exotic spices and foods that are quite rare and expensive, or too cultural or taboo to be obtained anywhere else.

The entire side of the island in which these dealings will occur is south east of the Khemi city, across the canal. If you ever wish to stop by or help in the markets, you may take a cheap canoe across the canal from a hired sailor who has agreed to work for us, for a small percent of all those who pay to cross.

((This was done before the release of Khitai, and the island in which Cally speaks of is the island in which you may take a caravan to Khitai.))

Magistrate Cally~
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PostSubject: Re: Darker dealings   Thu Mar 31, 2011 1:16 am

( oh Sufia would prolly be able to get on board with this one dues to her background Wink))
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Darker dealings
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