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 Application - Slavios

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PostSubject: Application - Slavios   Thu Jun 17, 2010 7:13 pm

Your Name in game: Slavios
Class: Herald of Xotli
Level: 68
Trade Skills: None
Story[Put it now Or later]: Slavios was once a humble dock worker, stacking crates and loading them onto the ported ships of Khemi. He was internally unhappy, with his lifestyle... his occupation... even his family. His wife, Ele'nutek, had recently given birth a screaming baby boy... and the only moment of peace he would recieve, would be the five minute break he was allowed at work. He took up minor swordsmanship, to keep his mind off of the stress and angst of his dull life... wishing he could do something with himself for once. He finally sought after the life of a mercenary... defending caravans... travelling away from home... and all the women he could pick from. He quickly signed himself off to defend such caravans, travelling across the whaling deserts of Stygia. On his first three months of guarding... his assigned caravan was attacked by demons. He tried his hardest to fend them off, but failed miserably in doing so... who was he kidding? He had no real training... no combat experience to speak of. He blacked out from a cart being bulldozed over... striking him in the head. When he came to... the demons were sorting through the shiny objects that had been ravaged from the crates... the others were dead, save for one man... who had been curled up under the wreckage, just ahead of the dazed Slavios. The man was whimpering, for his life. Slavios tried to signal for him to silence his cries... but it had been too late... the demons had been alerted of the survivors. Slavios swiftly sprang to his feet, and ran through the hot sands as fast as he could. He was, of course, being tailed... He managed to get ahead of the beasts long enough to act irrationally... He got down to his hands and knees... and pleaded for help by the gods... when they did not answer... he resorted to the last entity he knew of... he knew it was forbidden... that he would be forever hunted by the Priests of Set... and any others against such a pact... he knew of the dangers... yet knew of the power he would recieve... He swiftly cut his hands open, and swore his life, and soul, to the demon lord, Xotli. Xotli was quick to respond to his new disciple... possessing his body. Slavios easilly slashed and scorched his way through the beasts... though without remorse... or emotion. His trip home seemed calm, and collective... as if but a dream. But he would soon realise it was not a dream at all. His wife was eager to greet him... though she knew something was wrong... different... He merely smiles at her... longingly... before driving steel through her ribcage.... shattering her heart, as Xotli had taken his... he watches her body go pale... and her eyes glaze over as death creeps upon her corpse... he licks her wound clean... and then feasts upon the very heart he had punctured. He hears crying, within his abode... the baby... Xotli willed... his death. And so it had to be... His family gone... his life.. gone... but this is not the end, of Slavios' tale.


Name/Age: Jay, 20 (soon to be 21 in August.) I've been in the Army National Guard for 3 years... i am sometimes unavailable on the weekends, due to my contract. I have been to Iraq for 14 months, and will be going to Afghanistan within the next two years. I am a mature role-player, and have been heavily into it, since i was a little squirt, beginning with table tops, such as Dungeons and Dragoids. =P. I like to joke around and etc, and am always courtious of others when i can. I've been a World of Warcraft player and RPer for 5 years... ive had experiences in owning and leading Heavy Rp guilds (which were successful, for a time) in Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft, Silkroad Online, Knights Online, Runescape... (Ya laugh it up... you were 13 yrs old once too.) And even Age of Conan... though it was heavilly short-lived... due to my lack of PvP prowess. Im quite possibly the -worst- AoC PvPer to ever live. It's too complicated, as are the stats. Never played a game this complex. I've been playing it for 2 years and have had tips, training and all that happy sauce for this game, and still... i cannot PvP to save my life. Anywho, I figured since you put me through the trouble of having to apply... id give you the trouble of reading a lot <3. Hope to make some new friends here, and looking forward to RPing with you all.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Slavios   Thu Jun 17, 2010 7:22 pm

It's great to have you, and we will do our best to help you with the pvp. DOn't worry. Smile

Besides, there's much more to the fun here than pvp.
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Application - Slavios
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